This plate of wantoon noodles, some people love it, some people don’t. But you will definitely see the crowd queueing during dinner. And this queue is never ending. Whatever it is, I want to try it myself!

At first glance, it really looks similar to Dunman Road Cha Siew Wan Ton Mee. There is really nothing to shout about the charsiew because it is dry and tough, unlike Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodle. But I really like the noodles lah, it has nice egg fragrance and very springy.


I guess the magic of Kok Kee wanton mee lies in the special soup that is poured on top of the cooked noodles. It complemented the noodles very well and is light and gives a sweet taste. If you are wondering, they don’t make their own noodles.


Prices are $4 or $5. We paid $5 for the plate of wanton noodle above. It is not worth it, so expensive! And the old uncle who took the order made me feel like I owe him some money.

Kok Kee Wan Ton Noodle (Lavender)
Address: 380 Jalan Besar, Lavender Food Square #01-06 
Opening hours: 12pm to 2am, Closed every 3 weeks on Wed & Thu