• In celebration of the nation’s golden jubilee, local F&B personality Shermay Lee returns to The Clifford Pier in... http://t.co/UGxG1Sm2KK

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  • I have been eating too much curry the past few days. Time for something light tonight - pho! http://t.co/YR74KMEdmq

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  • Roasted spring chicken with assorted grill vegetables and Chianti red wine jus from Pontini to start my Saturday.... http://t.co/wUPNXr4Rk0

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Keng Eng Kee Seafood @ Bukit Merah – One of the Best Zichar in Singapore

Keng Eng Kee. Finally. I have known Chef Wayne for some time and have visited some of the pop up stalls that he had done, but somehow or rather, I didn’t have the chance to try Keng Eng Kee. So right after our wedding photoshoot that day, we invited the team to join us for late night dinner at Keng Eng Kee. Keng Eng Kee started by Chef Wayne’s grandparents …

Ye Zhi Mei Handmade Dim Sum @ Jalan Besar

Sunday, 26 July 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: Dim Sum, Where to eat in Jalan Besar

Hong Kong actress Amy Yip has always been known for her busty figure. And we often create jokes out of it, including this Ye Zhi Mei Handmade Dim Sum (叶子楣手工包点) at Jalan Besar. This jumbo-sized pau became popular in Malaysia during the 1990s and it has attracted many fans (especially the male ones haha). We went there for supper with the foodies after a delicious plate of fried oyster at …

Download my eBook: Food Blogging 101 – Your Recipe for Success

Friday, 24 July 2015 1 Comment

Whether you’re a veteran chef or you prefer to have others do your cooking for you, you know the basic steps of making a meal for yourself or others. You have to decide what you’re going to serve, gather your ingredients, and do your prep work before you go near the stove or oven. It may sound funny, but the same is true of starting a food blog. Instead of …

Sedap Thai – Halal Certified Thai BBQ in Jalan Besar

Thursday, 23 July 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: mookata, Where to eat in Jalan Besar

Mookata restaurants have been gaining popularity in Singapore in recent years. In Jalan Besar Food Centre, there is a stall called “Sedap Thai” selling Thai mookata. And what’s the best thing? It’s halal-certified! Mookata – Moo means pork and kata, skillet, in Thai – refers to a dome-shaped grill with a soup trough that is placed over fire. Okay, it is not exactly mookata, because there is no pork in …

The Grounds of Alexandria, Sydney – It’s About Brunch and Own Roasted Coffee

Wednesday, 22 July 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: Australia, Cafe, Travel

The Ground of Alexandria is one of the highly anticipated cafes-to-go during this Sydney trip. Big thank you to Destination NSW for the cab charge vouchers, we hop onto the cab and reached the cafe at 8.30am, before the crowd arrives. Located in a former industrial precinct from the 1920s, The Grounds of Alexandria is a landmark coffee roaster, café, bar, eatery and kitchen garden known for its abundance of …