• l went back to my alma mater Nanyang Technological University, Singapore to do an interview for HEY! magazine.... http://t.co/iYm83SqjBR

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  • Dinner tonight at Kam Jia Zhuang with the family. We wanted to order an omelette but the aunty say they don't... http://t.co/fX5GUrnWz1

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  • We should have more food trucks in Singapore! http://t.co/1x77cnNqxq

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Flavours at Zhongshan Park Launches ZiChar Semi-Buffet Dinner

Thursday, 26 February 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: Buffet

From 1 February, Flavours at Zhongshan Park has introduced an exciting dining concept – Flavours Superstar Zichar Semi-Buffet, featuring local zichar with a twist. Under the creative direction of Executive Chef Melvin Lim, the menu at Flavours is given rejuvenation. In the semi-buffet, we are first served 3 signature items as amuse bouche, including crispy beer marinated pork belly, deep fried scallop tofu, and baked miso cod. Then, you are …

Shinjuku Japanese Restaurant @ Cuppage Plaza

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: # Japanese

Located at a quiet part of Orchard Road, Shinjuku is a cosy Japanese restaurant which is under the same management as Nanbantei (my favourite yakitori restaurant). The first time I was there, I was quite overwhelmed by the menu because it has a huge selection of dishes, but there wasn’t any images and it comes in Japanese and English. But thankfully, I went with an experienced diner, so I just …

Truffle Rhapsody at Greenhouse, The Ritz-Carlton

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: Buffet

From now till 28 March 2015, Greenhouse has lined up a series of daily dining delights that will please even the most discerning palates daily. I am a huge truffle fan, so I went for Greenhouse’s TRUFFLE RHAPSODY ($72 per adult, $36 per child). Known for their value and distinct taste and smell, we can enjoy a handcrafted selection of truffle-infused dishes at Greenhouse every Thursday, from 6:30 pm to …

Bao Baos Food in Kranji – Excellent Malaysian Style Zichar

Monday, 23 February 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: * Must Try *, Cze Char

The mission to hunt for the best chicken rice in Singapore failed because the shop we visited closed early for Chinese New Year. Then… what do we eat?? We are in the west and this is the area where I am totally clueless when it comes to food. Thankfully, we are with a bunch of foodies and Tony immediately suggest 30 Kranji Way. So off we go! Seriously, I would …

Boufe Cafe @ Phoenix Park

Sunday, 22 February 2015 Leave a comment Posted in: Cafe

The last time I come to Phoenix Park was to have dinner at Spruce. This time round, I am here to try a new cafe – BOUFE. I fell in love its tranquil, playful and fun white cafĂ© interior. It’s not easy to come here. You either take a cab or walk for about 20 mins from Redhill MRT. But if you drive, you can enjoy free parking here. Since …