Nespresso Mixologist Session Preview for Savour 2013

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After 2012′s sell-out event, SAVOUR 2013, Singapore’s largest gourmet food festival, returns with an all-new line-up of culinary adventures seeking to thrill and tantalise the senses of foodies here and around the region. As the Presenting Partner and Official Coffee, NESPRESSO will be offering Atelier and Mixologist Class at SAVOUR 2013. I attended the Atelier Class last year where we learn to appreciate a good cup of coffee and it …

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Food for Fun #4: Coffee Area (珈琲院)

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After visiting Taichung, I was deeply inspired by the people there because they take a very passionate role in life and pouring their souls into something that inspires them. Take for example 珈琲院 (COFFEE AREA), the coffee house which I visited, they don’t do this for the money. They don’t work long hours and they closed their cafes every Mondays and Tuesdays to take a break and enjoy life (In …

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Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee – A good start for the day

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Do you need coffee to get you going in the morning? Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with. The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration effect which no afternoon or evening cup of coffee can reproduce. Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee sells pretty good coffee. It used to be located in Lau Pa Sat Festival Market but moved to the current Amoy Street Food Centre in …

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Recipe – Coffee Walnut Cupcakes

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After baking the Ispahan Cupcakes for everyone, Aunty decided to give me my FIRST business, that is to bake 20 cupcakes for her potluck dinner party on Friday. Every month, she will always meet her group of friends and everyone will have to bring some food to share. I was rather afraid to take it up initially because I am still very amateur baker and I just bought my oven …

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