Recipe – Old Cucumber Soup

Recipe – Old Cucumber Soup

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1 Old Cucumber approximately 800g
3L Water
10 Red Dates
400g Pork Ribs
6 Dried Oyster
30g Rock Sugar
8 Dried Scallops
a handful Wolfberries
to taste Salt
  • Medium

Old Cucumber Soup

Ever since I moved into the new house, I started to cook more. It’s honestly more expensive to cook as compared to eating out, especially when there are only two people in the house. But sometimes, we just crave for homecooked meals.

The first soup I made at home was Old Cucumber Soup(老黄瓜汤). I have made it more than three times on different pots. The first time was cooked in a glass pot over fire but we couldn’t cook too long because our stove fire is too big (even when I turned the knob to the smallest). The second time was over a slow cooker but it was undercook because I only prepared on the day itself so it turned out bland. Last week, I tried it again using the new pressure cooker we bought. It was not too bad, at least I don’t need too long to get my soup ready!

The husband has started to complain about me cooking too much old cucumber soup. But I just wanted to find the best way to cook it so that it’s efficient and tasty. Plus, old cucumber is good for the skin and helps prevent aging, so why not? With a humid weather like Singapore, this soup also helps to lower ‘heatiness’ in the body. Remember to add some salt in the end to season it!



Blanch pork ribs in hot water and drain.


Wash old cucumber and cut into 3-inch sections. Set aside.


Soak red dates, wolfberries, anchovies, dried oysters and scallops and drain.


Add all the ingredients and put in pressure cooker and cook for 1 hour. Season with salt and rock sugar.


If no pressure cooker, put 3 litres of water into a pot and bring to boil. Add all ingredients and bring to boil. Turn to low heat, cover the pot and simmer for 3 hours.


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