684 Black & White Rojak – They Use Sour Plum Sauce in the White Rojak!

Esther Yeon
Esther Yeon
July 27, 2021

When I first saw this stall, I was intrigued by the term black and white. I wondered how rojak can come in a white version! I was determined to find out how white rojak tastes and looks like. Unfortunately, on my first visit, it was closed. It was a long wait before I could come back here as it coincided with Phase 2 Heightened Alert.

684 Black N White Rojak-02

I finally came back here after two long months and I was glad that the stall was open! When asked what was the main difference between the two, the stall owner said that the white rojak is mixed with sour plum sauce. It’s meant to cater to those that are allergic to seafood or prawns.

It’s my first time hearing about this “inclusive” concept of rojak but apparently, it’s been around for about 20+ years now. Just wow. That’s quite amazing! So here’s to anyone who’s not tried rojak because of such allergies, you know where to go now! Fret not, aunty cleans the mixing bowl thoroughly before making the white rojak so you won’t get any lingering taste of prawn paste.

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I think that most people take away the rojak since it’s just a pop-up stall in the middle of the coffee shop — probably explains why the rojak is packed in styrofoam boxes. I got the $4 portion for both types. There are three different sizes – $4, $4.50 and $5.50.

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The classic black rojak ($4) is one that we all know and is familiar with. The sauce consists of fermented prawn paste mixed with chilli (upon request), some lime and sugar. In the mix are pineapples, cucumber, bangkuang (Chinese Turnips), apples, toasted tau pok and youtiao (fried dough fritters). The final product is then sprinkled with some ground peanuts.

684 Black N White Rojak-09

The rendition of rojak here is much simpler in terms of the mix of ingredients as it doesn’t have things like green mango and kang kong. While that did not affect the taste very much, it did feel like something was missing. The toasted youtiao and tau pok were quite crispy. I usually prefer the youtiao more, but the tau pok here won me over, only because the youtiao was slightly tougher and more doughy than I had expected and some pieces were not super toasted.

684 Black N White Rojak-12
684 Black N White Rojak-11

The black rojak had a good balance of sweet and tangy flavours. For some reason, the fermented prawn paste here had a much stronger taste than usual. However, that acrid aftertaste complemented the fruits really well and it got strangely addictive. The fruits were all fresh and crunchy with juices bursting out in every bite.

684 Black N White Rojak-10

Onto the legendary white rojak, here comes the moment of truth. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can’t eat the traditional rojak due to the sauce as it’s something fresh and unique from the usual. A side note though, the sour plum sauce was really acerbic.

684 Black N White Rojak-08

Almost all the fruits were drenched in the sour plum sauce, and it reminded me of eating fruits with sour plum powder, but in liquid form. Be sure to add chilli into your mix if you can take spice, as it would definitely elevate the whole experience.

684 Black N White Rojak-13
684 Black N White Rojak-14

I think part of the reason as to why it was so sour could be the fact that some lime juice was also used in the process of making the white rojak. If you’re not a fan of such sourness, I believe you can request for lesser sauce or to have no lime juice in there.

684 Black N White Rojak-03

All in all, the rojak is very interesting. The owners are really kind to have had thought of our friends with seafood allergies since 20 years ago. I would recommend the rojak also because the fruits were fresh and the chilli had a good kick too! The aunty is really friendly too so feel free to have a chat with her! If you can’t decide which rojak to get, only for this stall, you can decide by playing oh ya beh ya som! *winks*

684 Black & White Rojak

Address: 684 Hougang Avenue 8 #01-983 Singapore 530684

Phone: 6123 4567

Area: North East

Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm Daily. Closed on Thursdays.

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