Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken – Award Winning Chef Opens Authentic HK-Style Chicken Rice Eatery

May 07, 2021

Concubine chicken, royal chicken or better known as gui fei chicken (貴妃雞), was named after one of the Four Beauties of ancient China – Concubine Yang Guifei (楊貴妃). Being a drunk beauty, she must have loved this dish as the chicken is submerged in wine.

In Singapore, there are not many restaurants that serve this dish, and even fewer do it well. Thankfully, I’ve finally found possibly the best concubine chicken in Singapore — Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken (廚皇香港貴妃雞).


Opened by award-winning Chef Wu Hai Feng (伍海峰) who has hosted many international leaders, including President Clinton who visited Beijing for a news conference with President Jiang Zemin back in 1998.

Chef Wu has also represented the Singapore Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs in the “Gourmet Master Chefs” challenge in 2014, in which he performed a record breaking feat of slicing squirrel fish in 46 seconds, claiming the title of “Dao Shen (刀神)” and the highest award of “2014 Gourmet Master Chef”.


The method of cooking concubine chicken is similar to the blanching of chicken in Hainanese Chicken Rice. The only difference : the chicken is being dunked in a pot of brine infused with herbs and rose wine in the preparation of concubine chicken.

The tasty Hong Kong Royal Chicken ($28 for whole chicken, $15 for half chicken) was perfectly cooked. The meat was moist and really tender. It was served a little pink, but definitely safe to eat. I am still alive, just so you know.

The herbal sauce drizzled at the end pleasantly lifted the flavours of the kampong chicken. Just dip the juicy poached chicken in the house-made ginger scallion oil, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.


The Soy Sauce Chicken with Rose Wine ($28 for whole chicken, $15 for half chicken) is another dish you should try. The tender and juicy chicken is poached in an intoxicating blend of dark soy sauce, rock sugar, spices, and aromatic Chinese rose wine, giving it a subtle sweet kick. This incredibly moist and tender meat is best paired with their fragrant chicken rice.

Other options include Scallions Oil Kampung Chicken ($28 for whole chicken, $15 for half chicken) and Szechuan Slobbering Chicken ($15 for half chicken, $8 for one portion).



Now who can resist this glistening Char Siew ($8 per portion) that is slathered with a dark caramelised sauce. It’s perfectly charred and the interior was so juicy and melted in my mouth. I believe it will make non-pork eaters salivate too.




Some side dishes you can consider getting include Hong Kong Choi Sum with Fermented Beancurd Sauce ($5), Super Crispy Black Golden Tofu ($5), Golden Kimchi ($5) and Braised Chicken Claws ($6). If you are dining here alone, go for the $6 combo meal. There are two options for you to choose from:

Combo A: HK Royal Chicken, Prawn Balls, Seasonal Vegetable and Vegetable Soup
Combo B: Soya Sauce Chicken, Fried Egg with onions, seasonal vegetable and Vegetable Soup


If you want to have a great plate of royal chicken, head to Chu Huang today!

Chu Huang Hong Kong Royal Chicken 廚皇香港貴妃雞

Address: 101 Upper Cross Street, People's Park Centre #01-05L, Singapore 058357

Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm daily.

Cuisine: Chinese