cocobella – Australia’s No.1 Brand for Coconut Water & Coconut Yoghurt is in Holland Village!

July 05, 2024

cocobella®, Australia’s No.1 brand for coconut water and coconut yoghurt, has landed on the glorious shores of sunny Singapore! Fans of the popular and well-loved dairy-free brand will be pleased to know that they have launched a global first retail concept — cocobella lifebar™ — at the buzzing One Holland Village.



All poised to become a standout joint offering the largest range of dairy-free options in Singapore, cocobella lifebar offers a diverse range of healthy and delicious superfood bowls, blends, and boosters made from superfoods and coconuts. The versatility of coconut is highlighted as this star ingredient makes an appearance in coco froyo bowls, smoothies, coconut-water based drinks, and cloud beverages topped with Coco Foam — literally everything on the menu!


Guests can experience an authentic Aussie beachside oasis and cherry beach vibes through the décor which is inspired by Australia’s most iconic beaches such as Byron Bay, Bondi Beach, and Gold Coast.

Imagine being transported to your favourite Aussie beach while you’re in the heart of Holland Village. All who miss Australia should definitely pop by for a taste of Aussie’s most loved dairy-free coconut yoghurt (and now in coconut froyo) and coconut water while soaking up the beach vibes.


On top of the iconic Eau de Coco (Iced Coconut Water/$5), nutritious Super Smoothies, and Super Bowls, cocobella lifebar is offering unique creations such as Coco Cafe, Coco Frappe, Coco Refreshers, and classic shakes for the kids too. Now, you can be sure that there’s something for everyone!


We tried the Nut Butter Acai Super Bowl ($11/$14) which had all our favourite ingredients packed into one bowl. The refreshing and smooth acai protein froyo went oh-so-well with the banana slices, plump strawberry, addictive coconut granola, and rich peanut butter. There seems to be alot going on, but it definitely was a genius ensemble that tasted even better than it looked! Healthy eating never tasted this good!


The Apple Crumble Froyo Bowl ($7/$9) won our hearts. The creamy vanilla froyo had a light tang that kept us going back for more, and was just a brilliant combination with the mildly sweet apple sauce, fragrant coconut crumble and crunchy biscoff biscuits. This makes the perfect post-dinner dessert!


Those looking for a quick to-go meal might be interested in the Super Smoothies ($9/$12) which have all been carefully and meticulously designed. Whether you’re seeking an immunity boost, a drink chock full of antioxidants, a filling meal replacement high in protein, you can find them all in the form of 9 palatable smoothies at cocobella lifebar. The Amazonian Acai is not just pretty to look at, but it’s a solid beverage crafted with coconut water, acai berry, strawberry, acai protein froyo, banana, coconut yoghurt, and almond butter. If you have no time for lunch and want something quick, filling, and nutrient-packed, this is an incredible option! I will love to try the Mango Sunrise next — it sounds absolutely amazing.


Coconut water and coffee or tea may seem like a strange combination, but they have worked so well and garnered such a loyal following! I have been seeing these innovative drinks on social media, and I had my first go at one at cocobella lifebar. The Cafe Cloud ($7/$9) is topped with coco foam, and it was a refreshing take on two of my favourite drinks(coffee and coconut water). You should definitely try their Matcha Cloud and Chai Cloud too!


For those who want a stronger caffeine hit, you won’t go wrong with the Coco Americano or Iced Cafe Latte crafted with coconut water, coconut cream, coco foam, and coffee.

Another drink that caught my attention was the Pandan Frappe — an alluring ensemble of coconut water, coconut meat, coconut cream, vanilla froyo, pandan. I will be back to try this!


Are you a huge fan of coconut? Well, you won’t be disappointed here, that’s for sure!

cocobella lifebar

Address: 7 Holland Village Way, One, #01-55 Holland Village, 275748

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

This post is brought to you in conjunction with cocobella.