10 Fresh Picks For Passionate Foodies At The New CS Fresh

March 11, 2020



After a significant makeover, Cold Storage finally reopens at Great World and is now known as CS Fresh. Created with passionate foodies in mind, CS Fresh is the ultimate foodie supermarket. Housing a first-of-its-kind dine-in oyster bar, ready-to-eat options, a world class beer, wine and spirits section and Singapore’s widest range of fresh organic produce, passionate foodies can now savour an extensive, international selection of fresh ingredients under one roof.

Here are 10 Fresh Picks at the New CS Fresh:

1. Widest range of fresh organic produce

Live well, eat well, we say. Wondering where to shop for organic food in Singapore? Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, or you simply want to eat lighter, incorporating more fresh produce into your diet is one great way to get healthy.

In support of sustainable and environmentally friendly shopping, as well as holistic wellness both for customers and the environment, CS Fresh is the go-to grocer for Singapore’s largest range of fresh organic produce. Foodies can expect the widest range of certified organic produce on its shelves and will see a 70% reduction in its plastic waste with the use of innovative biodegradable packaging.




2. First-of-its-kind Dine-in Oyster Bar

Experience the flavours of the ocean and indulge in some of the freshest tide-to-table oysters from the Pacific Northwest, like their exclusive Shigoku variety. Imagine an array of fresh oysters laid out on a glittering bed of crushed ice, waiting to be gently shucked from their shells and washed down with a glass of champagne.

A popular pick is the USA Pacific Oysters. Small and sweet, it is best eaten fresh. I like the USA Shigoku Oysters that are meaty and firm with a clean finish and an earthy aftertaste. Dine-in and takeaway options are available, which makes the perfect party food! Free shucking service and lemons & cocktail sauce are provided.

Enjoy premium Canadian oyster and USA Pacific oyster at $1.99/pc daily between 5 – 7pm!




3. Premium Cuts of Beef

Most beef aficionados will be familiar with Wagyu and Angus Beef. They are known for their marbled appearance and for being so tender that they melt in your mouth. From the perfect porterhouse to fork-tender fillet steak, CS Fresh has the best prime beef cuts you can find here in Singapore. Plus, shoppers can enjoy a bespoke butchery service.

I bought a well-marbled Wagyu 300-day grain-fed ribeye home because it looks just mouth-wateringly delicious. True enough, when it was placed on the grill, the fat melts and the flavours are spread throughout the meat, bringing dynamic flavour to every bite.




4. Finest 30-hour stone baked sourdough

A supermarket might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re looking for some quality bread to take home. But at CS Fresh, locals and tourists alike can get their hands on the finest 30-hour stone baked sourdoughs, which are made in Australia using locally milled flour and a 25-year-old natural starter.


This woodfired sourdough gives an earthy flavour with a thick, crispy crust. The well-fermented dough gives the best flavoured sourdough that’s soft on the inside with a delicious, caramelised crust on the outside. With no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, it is perfect for gourmet sandwiches, homemade garlic bread or dipping in extra virgin olive oil.

5. Fully stocked Salad Bar

Get ready to make a healthy and budget-friendly salad from CS Fresh’s salad bar! Give yourself a wellness boost with a wide variety of fresh greens, tasty dips and flavour-packed mains on the menu. You can order the classic Greek salad, made with cherry tomatoes, capsicums, feta cheese, black olives and oregano, or create your very own bowl from $7.90. They have got lemon marinated grilled salmon, black pepper beef ragu for the meat lovers, or even roasted pumpkin for the vegans to go with your veggies.



6. Fresh nut butter by Alison’s Pantry

CS Fresh is the first supermarket to have fresh nut butter from Alison’s Pantry. It is a New Zealand family owned company that sources the best and most flavoursome products from all around the world. Their best sellers include peanut butter and almond nut butter. The nut butters are 100% natural and made in-store so they’re extremely fresh. A great source of plant based goodness and vegan friendly, they use hi oleic peanuts to ensure the nut butters stay fresher for a longer period.




7. Top Quality Seafood

CS Fresh boasts a top-quality seafood range and is your go-to store for wild caught, flavourful King Prawns, Banana Prawns and Tiger Prawns. Prized by connoisseurs, the sea-caught King Prawns are very meaty and flavourful. They are excellent for deep-frying, BBQ or even for impressing your guests! The premium Tiger Prawns are superb when served cold with dipping sauces, while the Banana Prawns are delicious when steamed. Moreover, CS Fresh also has sustainably farmed Vannamei Prawns and wild caught Argentinian Red Prawns.

The salmon in the store are harvested from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Atlantic salmon pairs well with almost any cooking method, seasoning or sauce. Coho Salmon is sustainably harvested in the North Pacific Ocean, and is mild in taste and rich in good fats. Pacific King Salmon, also known as “chinook”, has the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids. All of them are meaty, easy to cook and particularly heart-healthy.




8. Build your own bento

Next, you can build your own Souzai bento at CS Fresh. They are made freshly with differently cooked items in a box. We got a Japanese Pork Tenderloin Katsu and Grilled Teriyaki Scallops with salad. The former features tender pork loin coated with Japanese style breadcrumbs and deep fried to give it a crisp yet light and airy texture. The latter has juicy and succulent Japanese scallops flown direct from the Yamaguchi Prefecture, complemented by sweet teriyaki sauce. Each bento is a delicious work of art for lunch, dinner or even to share with drinks.




9. Singapore’s First Curry Bar in a supermarket

For a change, we wanted to take-away something else for our dinner with friends. I am surprised to find a curry bar within CS Fresh! The Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef Rendang are real palate-pleasers. The butter chicken tops our list. Despite the gravy’s thick and velvety texture, it wasn’t too overwhelming, and the generous slabs of chicken were moist with a hint of smokiness from the grill. Needless to say, we polished off all that golden goodness with their fluffy Biryani Rice. They also serve Paneer Paratha Roll and Shish Kebab as sides.




10. Fresh Sushi Range

Somehow, sushi just tastes better on my couch. However, making sushi at home is not easy, so I usually skip all that and just buy a box to go. The sushi selection at CS Fresh is utterly delicious, using freshly caught Japanese Pride Fish that is flown in daily from Japan. The sushi has a golden ratio of fresh fish and rice, with fresh seafood meticulously packed into a balanced roll. Every bite is definitely a delight.







CS Fresh is well stocked with fine foods and niche products so that you can whip up a restaurant-worthy meal at home. With their gourmet cuisine from across the globe, you can experience the international flavours without travelling out of Singapore.

With our top 10 fresh picks from CS Fresh, we hope you can get healthier, fresher and quality food on the table quickly for your family and friends.

Learn more about CS Fresh here.

CS Fresh

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Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

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