Creme and Cone – Waffles Lollies & Locally-Inspired Gelato Flavours and Cones

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
February 15, 2021

Home to many stalls celebrating good food, Lau Pat Sat is an architectural monument in the heart of the CBD area. I’ve always seen it as a slightly more atas hawker centre and till this day, still haven’t managed to finish eating my way through without another new stall popping up. Case in point: Creme and Cone which sells both classic and local gelato flavours alongside waffle lollies in Food Folks(a retail space that also has F&B options). 


My interest was first piqued when I heard that their waffles cones are also locally-inspired, think milo and bandung (additional $1 each). Sadly, the tell-tale pink cone was nowhere to be seen and I was told that they were currently out of stock. At least they still had the milo version so I wasn’t completely missing out. 


Freshly churned with natural ingredients and no artificial flavourings were 16 different types of icecream to choose from. Flavours include Tiramisu, Deep Dark Chocolate, and local favourites like Pulat Hitam. There were even curious ones like Root Beer Float, which I tried but wasn’t to my taste. Think flat root beer in ice-cream form. If you’re someone who enjoys the taste of the soda but not a fan of the fizz, you might like it. 

I actually had my eye out for their Butter Kopi and Sour Plum flavours but they were not on display when I was there. Perhaps they were making space for seasonal flavours like the sakura-flavoured Cherry Blossom. A single scoop is $4.80 and a double scoop is $8. They also sell pints at $15 if you wish to bring home any flavours.


As a big milo fan, I couldn’t wait to try the Milo Cookie. The malty flavours were on point and had bits of milo powder that had hardened into sweetened lumps – kind of like the Milo Dinosaur but in ice-cream form. 


The Lychee Raspberry is one of their best-sellers and I could see why. Although more lychee than raspberry, this soft pink frozen treat was delightfully fruity and a refreshing change. I also loved how the waffle cones stayed nice and crisp instead of getting soggy over time from the ice-cream because trust me, the servings are more generous than they seem so you’ll be spending some time eating your way through. 


I thought the serving was slightly smaller when I ordered my Speculoos Cookies in a cup but maybe it was an optical illusion. The ice-cream itself was really good. You know how some places with cookie-type ice-cream skimp on the cookie bits? Not at Creme and Cone. There was a generous amount of crunch that complemented the rich and creamy ice-cream. 


Their waffle lollies ($5 a la carte, $3.80 as an additional add-on with ice-cream) definitely look good for the ‘gram. The adorable mini-waffles-on-a-stick are available in four flavours: Nutella S’mores, Pebbles Snow, Chocolate Oreo and Smoked Almond Caramel. I got the first one and while the waffles themselves aren’t anything special, the novelty of it is certainly there, not to mention the convenience if you’re the type to eat on the go. 


Prefer to drink your gelato in a not-grossly-melted way? Grab a gelato thickshake ($6.50) that comes in vanilla, chocolate, oreo, salted caramel or nutella. They also have beautiful pastries from Butter Studio such as Sea Salt Nutella Tart ($6.90), Speculoos Cream Cheese Tart ($6.90) and Ondeh Ondeh cake slices ($6.90) if you’re looking for an indulgent pick-me-up. 


Hopefully, the flavours and bandung cone that I missed will be available when I come back. I always enjoy a good sweet treat in locally-inspired flavours and will be looking forward to what else Creme and Cone has up its sleeves!

Creme and Cone

Address: Food Folks @ Lau Pat Sat, #01-03, 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582


Email Address:

Area: Raffles Place

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily.

Facebook: made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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