Double Scoops – Artisan Gelato in Ang Mo Kio

August 19, 2015

Double Scoops - Artisan Gelato

Double Scoops: Look at all the gelato ice cream!

When Double Scoops opened its door in Ang Mo Kio three months ago, I was over the moon. For someone like me who has been staying in this quiet part of Ang Mo Kio for close to 30 years, this is my first time seeing a cafe appear in my hood. How not to be happy?

But I have always wondered, can a cafe survive in my hood, considering majority of the residents are senior citizens? Double Scoops’ owners Caroline and Vincent has proved me wrong as their 3-month-old gelato shop is filled with bustling crowd now.

In fact, when I entered the cafe during their first week of operation, I was quite disappointed. I gave a skeptical look at the owners who were really slogging hard. My scoop of orh-nee gelato didn’t had the yam fragrance that I expected.

Then I went back again and tried their sea salt gula melaka flavour. Boy, my eyes brightened up a little. I spoke to the two young owners again and asked, where did you get your gula melaka? My guess was right, they brought it from Malacca because Caroline’s sister lived there.

Subsequently, I brought my family and fiance there to share a scoop of gelato or have a plate of waffles. Mao Shan Wang, Thai Milk Tea, Mixed Berries, Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut… you name it, I ate it. Double Scoops has become one of our pat-tor location as we love chatting with the owners while enjoying own gelato. My fiance even bought a tub of mao shan wang gelato home that night. That was really rare.

I have previously mentioned that I am usually not the fastest in covering new businesses in the food scene. Because I know a minimum of three months is the time needed for a restaurant to get organized. Sure, I can get the highest viewership for being the first, but I am very sure the review will not be a good and fair one. I think after three months, Double Scoops is ready. And I felt I have grow with them after 3 months, from a new customer to a regular customer.

Double Scoops: They serve coffee too.
Double Scoops: Waffle with 3 scoop of gelato.
Double Scoops

I grew to love gelato because it is much creamier, and you can taste the flavors more at lower temperatures. It’s smoother in texture, giving it a really thick and unctuous feel without the fat. But the lower fat content is the most important thing. The flavors of ingredients really shine through, especially with fruits and nuts.

Double Scoops may not have reached the standard to an Italian gelato cafe, but when I have really tasted a bad gelato, I began to appreciate the good ones more. The owners truly focus on using good quality ingredients to create a variety of flavors and they are a creative bunch which always let their creativity run wild. Besides the Sea Salt Gula Melaka flavour which imports palm sugar from Malacca, they also use traditional Thai milk tea and good chocolate to create Milk Tea and bittersweet Chocolate Macademia flavour.

Good gelato has muted natural colors, nothing bright. The benchmark gelato is pistachio. Pistachios are not actually electric green, the color of its ingredients should be slightly lightened by milk. I haven’t tasted enough pistachio gelato to make a decent comparison, but I must say that, their Sicilia Pistachio gelato is creamy, and lightly nutty, perfect indulgence on a hot day. Using good quality pistachios from Italy, I love that the base is light and unmuddled by extra added flavorings.

In fruits they do everything, including Mixed Berries, Mango Passionfruit and Strawberry Shortcake. The first two flavours were too tangy for my liking, while the stawberry shortcake needs more strawberry taste. However, their Mao Shan Wang is good. It’s creamy, thick, and pungent – just the way we like it!

Double Scoops: Waffle

Of course, when there is gelato, waffles ($3.60) is always around. After many rounds of trial and error, the waffles are not too bad. When you enter the shop, you get a sweet whiff of waffle. I still have my own favourite waffle place but this is good enough for me to share with my loved ones. As for coffee, give them a lil more time to get it right. The consolation is, I don’t get cold milk anymore like my first trip.

If you are wondering about the Orh Nee flavour. I tried it again a few days ago, it was perfect. You get the fragrance from the yam and probably some small bits of the yam. Well, very much of it depends on whether you can get a good quality yam in the market. But Caroline and Vincent really takes in feedback from customers seriously and I appreciate that.

Opening a cafe/restaurant is a dreamer’s fancy, but we all know that it is a risky business. It’s brutal work, it ruins relationships and the odds of success is 50-50. Yet, many people like Caroline and Vincent are willing to take a chance on opening a gelato cafe. They are probably more brave than me in many ways.

Now, Double Scoops became one of my favourite hangout with my loved ones. Every week, we would grab a scoop or two and enjoy the delicious ice cream while escaping the heat. Caroline and Vincent both have became our friends where we will sit down and talk about anything under the sun. Single scoop is $3.20; double scoops $5.60; triple scoops $7.90. Premium flavours with an addition of $0.50. They are coming up with panna cotta and milkshakes in a few weeks’ time, I am quite excited to give it try.

Double Scoops

Something new in their menu is the Homemade charcoal waffle sprinkled with crunchy maple pecan granola, topped with gelato and garnished with fresh strawberry slices. Not forgetting the luscious valrhona white chocolate ganache drizzle! Experience several textures all in one 🙂

So if you find yourself in Ang Mo Kio, do not miss the gelato in Double Scoops. I’ve had it a whole bunch of times. (Just in case if you are wondering, I pay for all my gelato!)

Double Scoops

Address: Block 226A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-627, Singapore 561226
Tel: 6452 0208
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11am – 10pm; Fri 11am – 10:30pm; Sat 10:30am – 10:30pm;
Sun 10:30am – 10:00pm

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