9 Of The Best Food at Eathai – Thai food premium arena at Central Embassy

October 02, 2016

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Eathai was introduced to Thai food lovers as a novel 2,500 sqm culinary paradise where diners can enjoy an abundance of Thai regional food in a modern Thai style environment. Located in the heart of Bangkok, we visited it two years ago after its opening (read about it here) to enjoy some comfortable and affordable Thai food options. This year, we are back again as Eathai has expanded to 3,550 sqm space with new elements which guarantee a more extensive range of food choices and new zones. They have assembled signature dishes from all 4 regional cuisine – central, southern, northern, easan food.

1. Chiak at the famous food stalls in floating markets

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First off is our new Moom Aroi. To add spice and variety for our frequent diners, we created Moom Aroi which is a space we have set aside for rotating vendors from must-visit floating markets, famous shops and food stalls that change every 15 days. There is no need for you to spend many hours to drive to floating markets in upcountry but we bring them to Eathai

2. Salad that’s bigger than our face


The Som Tum Tad (250 baht) is good for sharing. Spiciness can be adjusted based on preferences and they really pound all ingredients together to get their balance of sweet, spicy, tangy and savoury.

3. Famous Restaurant in Yaowarat is here


At the new expansion of Eathai, they brought in Sanook which is a famous eatery in Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat. We had the Pad Si Ew (170 baht) featuring stir fried rice noodles with pork. Put it simply, it’s like our fried kway teow. Enough wok hei and the savoury noodles has that tint of sweetness from the black sweetened sauce.

4. Feast From the North


Traditionally in the north, Lanna Thais gather around wooden legged tray called “kan tok” for a meal. It holds taster-sized northern dishes and also serves as an informal dining table. So at Royal Kitchen, we got to try Hot Pepper Sauce with Chopped Pork (120 baht) in kan tok style.

In many places, kanom jeen (200 baht) noodles are used as a rice substitute: you can order green curry or whatever that will be served over the noodles. The thin rice noodles are made from rice sometimes fermented for days and boiled. Each locality has a different stock such as coconut stock, fish, curry sauce etc and served with vegetables. Another noodle dish is Kaow Soi Kai (from 130 baht) – a Northern Thai style noodle in curry soup with chicken. There is a choice for chicken, pork or beef.

5. Indian Curries That Will Make You Sweat


I am not sure if they made their own prata but there is nothing to shout about the dough. But what gave a kick is their CURRIES. Seriously, they are downright traditional when it comes to getting the correct flavour because the curries in Curry Rice with Chicken (120 baht) and Beef Curry with Parata Roti (190 baht) are rich and spicy.

6. A range of street food for you to choose from


Moving on to the street food corner, even though you pay a higher amount of money to eat street food, but good thing is, we are eating it in an air-conditioned food court. And you won’t get the possibility of having stomach upset. Prices at this section range from 50 to 120 baht. My favourite is the grilled sotong. They charge you based on the weight of the sotong and grilled upon order. Every piece is real juicy and tender, which goes well with their homemade green chilli sauce.

Of course, when you talk about street food, you will never forget its crispy oyster omelette with fat oysters. Thai’s version of orh luak is thin and crispy, paired with sweet sauce.

Creamy Prawn Fat Tom Yum Noodle Soup (250 baht) is disappointing in terms of presentation but we have the whole fresh mantis shrimp, seafood and crabmeat dunked in the spicy tom yum noodle soup. It was a little oily during our day of visit, but who can resist seafood and tom yum? You can choose from four soup base: creamy prawn fat tom yam, tom yam, clear soup, or dried condiments of tom yam.

7. Dessert Heaven… Please control!

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Thai dessert lovers will find all their favourites at Baan Kanom Thai, which literally means ‘House of Thai Desserts’, where they have assembled famous Thai desserts such as Jatujak coconut ice-cream, kanom krok, and Lodchong Wat Jade.

8. Let the tea masters prepare your Thai Milk Tea

After so much food, it’s cha cha time! No no, I am not going to dance “cha cha” with you. But rather, we ordered a tall cup of Thai milk tea and watch how the servers grooves while doing tarik!

9. New sections at Eathai supermarket


Tourists and home cooks will be pleased with our new sections in the Eathai supermarket offering a wide variety of Thai herbs and spices, curry pastes, fresh produce and prepared food products from villages and communities as well as from the royal projects initiated by His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej to support the agricultural sector.

There is also a specialty rice shop featuring 19 types of Thai organic rice from four regions, and areas for popular non-food products such as Tiger balm ointments, fabric and textile products from Jim Thompson, and vintage style enamelware.

Eathai Café which is an all-day dining cafe that serves premium Thai cuisine ranging from traditional Thai breakfasts to yummy snacks and specially crafted signature drinks that are perfect for cocktails or to relax with after dinner.

Watch my video to see what we ate!


Address: Central Embassy 1031 Ploenchit road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Phone: +662 119 7777

Website: http://www.centralembassy.com/eathai/

Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm daily

Thank you Central Group for the sponsorship of air tickets, hotel accommodation and transportation. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.