Fatty Aunt Yong Tau Foo – Renowned Yong Tau Foo in Bukit Merah

Alderic Teo
Alderic Teo
January 16, 2019


Raved about by many foodies, and coming in top 3 in the Food Master 2017 (North Zone), it is no secret that the Yong Tau Foo here is special. And of course, the best way to verify the claims is to try the food myself.


It’s self-service at Fatty Aunt. You get a bowl, kiap your favourite ingredients from the counter on the left, grab a cup of homemade drink from the fridge, pay at the counter, and wait for your YTF to be prepared.



I’m someone who appreciates stronger and savoury flavours. When given the choice of fried items (top-shelf) and the healthier options in the chiller, I leaned towards the former in my selection of ingredients.



I had two bowls — one with laksa broth and the other with their speciality bean sauce. The prices of the ingredients range from $0.60 to $1 a piece, and the laksa base and the bean sauce cost $0.80 each. I paid $7.60 for my Laksa Meepok bowl and $7.40 for the Speciality Bean Sauce bowl with Yam Rice.



I started with the laksa bowl. The curry was a tad creamy and certainly fragrant. While most of the ingredients were prepared well, the one ingredient that really stood out was the Mushroom Yam Cake ($0.70). The parts that were untouched by the broth were still crispy, while the parts that were soaked in the curry have disintegrated and melded into the broth, making the curry sweeter and more full-bodied. Shiok!


The Deep-Fried Brinjal was also very enjoyable. It was crispy on the outside, and still had that characteristic sweet creamy interior that we all love.

My favourite ingredient in Yong Tau Foo is the stuffed chilli and Fatty Aunt had the best I’ve tasted. The chilli seemed to have been roasted. It was so good that I could eat it whole without experiencing the rawness and spiciness that the usual stuffed chilli had.

Fatty_Aunt_crispyHow do I show you how crispy it is?



The Speciality Bean Sauce was savoury and earthy, with an almost mushroom-like flavor.


The best ingredient in this bowl was the Deep-fried Tofu Skin. It was wafer-thin and crispy. This is a common ingredient in Yong Tau Foo, but Fatty Aunt has prepared the best version I’ve ever had.



The food that I’ve had so far was so satisfying that I almost missed out on the chilli and sweet sauces. Both sauces shared the same saucer, arranged in a yin-yang kind of way. I liked the way the sauce was arranged — the ingredient catches a little of both sauces when you dip them into the saucer. The chilli was only a tad spicy, so everyone can enjoy it.


It was time to wash my meal down with the homemade drinks that I’ve ordered. The Homemade Lemon Tea ($1.70) was refreshing but more importantly, carried the essential bitterness that a tea should have. I enjoyed it much more than the usual sugary “lemon tea” out there. The Homemade Honey Lemon ($1.70) was quite the perfect drink to go with the bowls that I have ordered.



Because of its popularity, Fatty Aunt can be crowded during peak hours. The tables outside are even reserved for groups of 4 and above. I visited during off-peak hours but I reckon that diners have to sit shoulder to shoulder at this establishment during lunch time.


Fatty Aunt’s Yong Tau Foo

Address: Blk 147 Silat Avenue #01-26 Singapore 160147

Phone: +65 86222862

Opening Hours: 9.30am to 8.30pm daily, Closed on Saturdays

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fattyaunts

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