Fish & Chicks – Interesting Western Food with an Asian Twist

Team Tam Chiak
Team Tam Chiak
July 15, 2017

Fish & Chicks

Fish & Chicks made headlines when they first introduced salted egg fish & chips. They currently have 4 outlets(Ang Mo Kio, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Commonwealth, and the latest one in Bedok). The outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard have received their Halal-certification, while the ones in Commonwealth and Bedok are still waiting for the certification.

Fish & Chicks

Their latest creation, Whole Lobster ($26.90), features two Boston lobsters and your choice of chilli crab sauce, mentaiko, or cheese. We opted for chilli crab sauce and mentaiko. The former is more tangy than spicy, while the latter is a tad too salty for our liking. The lobster flesh, sadly, isn’t well executed. There isn’t a good consistency throughout. The flesh that is slathered with the sauces is alright. We can accept a faint taste of the sea, but the parts that have no sauce on are overly fishy. It’s also too dry and tough.

Fish & Chicks

Best of Both Worlds ($13.80) features the stall’s signature fish & chips in both salted egg sauce and chilli crab sauce (without crab). Each serving of dory fish boasts tender meat. 

Justin hired a zichar chef to help infuse local flavours into his western offerings, so the sauces are made from scratch here. Salted egg is first steamed, before it is blended. A lot of effort goes into creating this unique sauce. What you get is the right amount of creaminess, with a reasonably strong flavour. As for the chilli crab sauce, it was more sweet and tangy instead of spicy. However, it would’ve been better if there was a stronger crustacean flavour.

Fish & Chicks

Those with a penchant for Thai food will be pleased to know that Fish & Chicks has created Tomyum Pasta ($9.50), Thai Chilli Fish & Chips ($10.50), and Green Curry Chicken Cutlet ($10.50). We tried the Tomyum Pasta which is topped with their signature dory fish. The part of the fish that’s not soaked in the tomyum gravy is quite crispy. However, the pasta was a tad too hard for our liking and the taste doesn’t remind us of tomyum. Fish & Chicks: Spaghetti With Chilli Crab Sauce

The Spaghetti with Chilli Crab sauce ($9.50) is topped with a slow-cooked egg, and your choice of fish or chicken. We had the chicken, and they sure aren’t stingy with the portion. The huge piece of chicken was tender on the inside, and wonderfully crispy on the outside. You can hear the crunch in every bite. The chilli crab sauce is similar to the one used for the dory fish we tried earlier on. With its tomato-like sweetness, we believe that this dish would be a hot favourite among kids. Remember to burst the sunshine of a yolk and mix it into your pasta!

Fish & Chicks: Hawaiian Chicken

The Hawaiian Chicken ($8.50) consists of a juicy slab of chicken chop, and the typical ingredients you find on a Hawaiian pizza. A mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese is used to accentuate the fragrance and savouriness of the chicken. This grilled chicken would be a good alternative if you aren’t a fan of fried food.

Fish & Chicks: Chicken Wings

If you’re just looking for a snack, go for the Chicken Wings ($3.10 / 2 pieces). We enjoyed the crispy batter and succulent meat. 

The items at Fish & Chicks are reasonably priced, given that so much work is put into making their sauces and dips from scratch. Most of their outlets are quite accessible, so if you’re craving for some fusion western food next time, you might want to consider Fish & Chicks!

Fish & Chicks

Address: #01-393, Blk 204 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 460204

Opening Hours: 11am to 9.30pm daily.


Note: This is an invited tasting.

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