Enjoy Festive Mocktails and Cocktails With F&N and Kiki’s Reserve at Home!

Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong
December 02, 2021

As Singapore opens up just in time for the festive season, everyone is scrambling to get ready for Christmas parties and year-end celebrations. Even though we might not be able to dine out in large groups still, we can still have the best parties in the comfort of our own homes! Planning for parties can be quite a challenge — from taking note of guests’ dietary restrictions to curating the menu. And for those who are racking their brains to come up with unique festive drinks to impress their guests, we might have the perfect ideas for you!

With the success of their recipes, F&N has partnered with contemporary cocktail specialist Kiki’s Reserve again to come back with 10 NEW exclusive mocktail and cocktail recipes that you can whip up right at home, in just a jiffy. Be the star of the party with these refreshing concoctions that will leave you and your guests thirsty for more.

Here are 4 simple drink recipes made with F&N beverages that have been specially crafted to complement popular Christmas dishes.

Cocktail Recipe


Serving up plates of al dente vongole or grilled salmon? Sake Sunrise, a refreshing cocktail, which uses 100PLUS Zero (that has zero sugar and zero calories), lets you indulge in this revitalising drink guilt-free! The cocktail is lightly sweet, and bubbly, and complements the dryness of sake and fruity notes of the watermelon juice really well! This is just the drink you need to dazzle your guests!

Sake Sunrise

– 30 ML 100PLUS Zero
– 6 pieces of Basil
– 10 ML Lemon Juice
– 120 ML Watermelon Juice (Fresh Watermelon)
– 25 ML Simple Syrup
– 30 ML Sake

1. In a blender, add Basil, Lemon juice, Watermelon, Simple syrup, and Sake, and blend.
2. In a tall glass, add ice cubes, pour blended mixture over, top up with 100PLUS Zero and stir.
3. Garnish with watermelon wedge and sprig of basil.

Mocktail Recipes


Sip on the rich Snowball O’ Joy as you and your guests dive into soft and fragrant cinnamon buns! Energise yourself with this creamy cocktail that uses Ice Mountain Sparkling Lemon which has zero sugar. With three other flavours (Classic, Grapefruit and Peach), Ice Mountain Sparkling Water is perfect for enlivening your drinks. You can expect bursts of zestiness in this creamy cocktail!

Snowball O’ Joy

– 100 ML Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream
– 60 ML Ice Mountain Sparkling Lemon
– 25 ML Lemon Juice
– 25 ML Simple Syrup
– Dash of Ground Cinnamon

1. Add Magnolia Vanilla Ice Cream, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup to a tall glass.
2. Add ice and stir.
3. Add Ice Mountain Sparkling Lemon and garnish with cinnamon, and a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
4. Garnish with candy cane.



Pecan pies are all the rage these days, and they sure make a great Christmas dessert. You won’t go wrong with the pairing of creamy cups of Cocoa Dalgona Mania and slices of warm pecan pie.

This wholesome mocktail is whipped up with Farmhouse Fresh Milk that’s great for strong and healthy bones, and it’s 100% farm-fresh from Australia! If you’re up for an extra Christmasy vibe, use the limited edition Farmhouse Peppermint Chocolate Milk instead!

Cocoa Dalgona Mania

– 200 ML Farmhouse Fresh Milk
– 100 ML Whipping Cream
– 20 ML Icing Sugar
– 4 G Cocoa Powder

1. In a mixing bowl, add Whipping cream and Icing sugar and whisk till stiff peaks form.
2. Fold in Cocoa powder, mix thoroughly and place mixture in a piping bag.
3. In a separate glass, add Ice and Milk and pipe the mixture in a spiral manner on top of the glass of milk.
4. Garnish with Cocoa powder.



Pair your roasts with a zesty beverage like the Lemon Mojito Blast! This refreshing mocktail uses the new F&N Sparkling Lemonade! It also comes in another flavour, Pink Grapefruit. They both have a great taste, are refreshing, and are perfect for mocktails and cocktails. The addition of the popular mixer F&N Soda into the mocktail will surely make this a hit for your home parties. The Lemon Mojito Blast leaves a cool sensation on your tongue and will definitely entice your guests to go for more!

Lemon Mojito Blast

– 80 ML F&N Sparkling Lemonade
– 40 ML F&N Soda
– 30 ML Lemon Juice
– 50 ML Simple Syrup
– 5 – 6 Mint Leaves

1. In a tall glass, mix Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, and Mint. Muddle.
2. Add ice and a splash of F&N Soda and F&N Sparkling Lemonade.
3. Garnish with Mint Leaves.

The rest of the 10 recipes will be available in a recipe book, on-pack stickers, and e-book HERE!

The online-exclusive F&N x Kiki’s Reserve Happiest Happy Hour Kit comes with a printed book that features all ten recipes! The Gift Set (worth $48) also comprises the following:

FNN_Xmas Shoot_R5_1080x1080_5

– 1 Limited Edition Festive Mug
– 350 ML Shaker
– Muddler
– F&N x Kiki’s Reserve Personalised Bottle
– F&N x Kiki’s Reserve Mixologist’s Guide
– Free can of Ice Mountain Sparkling Peach/ F&N Sparkling

The F&N x Kiki’s Reserve Happiest Happy Hour Kit sure makes a great gift!

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Have a go at making these irresistible drinks this Christmas and toast to a jolly festive season!

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