Got Luck Cafe – I Got Lucky When I Found This Cafe

Cassilda Lee
Cassilda Lee
August 14, 2019


Taking over the original space of Dong Po Colonial Cafe is Got Luck Cafe. They’ve changed up some parts of the decor, but the cafe still remains pretty traditional and cosy. I first came across the cafe on Instagram and I was intrigued by their Sea Salt Kaya Toast ($2.30)! They focus on serving local favourites (Nasi Lemak, Ayam Penyet) and traditional breakfast — kopi, eggs and toast.


You would think that they would jack up the prices of their food since they’re technically a cafe but they don’t! A hot coffee or tea would cost you $1.70, and even their most expensive drink is $2.70. When I arrived around 2pm, the cafe was still packed with customers happily tucking into the scrumptious food. They’ve only been open for less than 4 months, but it’s obvious they already have a steadily growing fanbase (including me).ayampenyet

Apart from the Kaya toast, I was also attracted to the Ayam Penyet ($8.90), which is created with the lady boss’s very own secret recipe. The second the plate arrived at our table, my mouth started watering and I couldn’t wait to dig in. The exterior of the chicken was beautifully browned, and even the other aspects of the dish looked amazing. Being an avid chilli fan, the first thing I tried was, of course, the chilli. Let’s just say this was probably one of the best chilli I’ve ever tasted, and my partner agreed.


I tried to pick a favourite on the plate, but even after deliberating for a long time, I just couldn’t because everything was so great! My partner found the tempeh and fried beancurd a little too salty, but I thought it was just flavourful enough. Before we even knew it, we had finished the entire plate.


The Sea Salt Kaya Toast was pretty standard, with just a hint of saltiness to balance out the sweetness. I would’ve liked the bread to be a little more crispy, but overall, it was a pretty decent toast! I was told their Ondeh Ondeh cake ($3.50) is also a hot-seller and obviously I couldn’t give that up.


I’m so glad I decided to get it even though I was stuffed, because the cake was equally fantastic! It was delightfully soft, moist, and had just the right level of sweetness for me. Forking out just $2.50 for it, I was not expecting that level of quality!

I definitely struck gold by coming across this cafe and I can’t wait totry their Nasi Lemak!

Got Luck Cafe

Address: 56 Kandahar St, Singapore 198904


Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 9am - 7pm. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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