Haikou ­– A Journey to Hainan’s Paradise where Tropical Dreams Come True

Maisie Liu
Maisie Liu
August 17, 2023

White sands stretching for miles, lush greenery embracing the coastline, and a rich cultural tapestry – welcome to Haikou, Hainan’s hidden gem. This enchanting city is a tropical haven that offers a captivating blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

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We’ve compiled a list of popular spots you should check out in Haikou. From pristine beaches to vibrant night markets, and historical landmarks, Haikou offers a plethora of experiences that will leave you spellbound.

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Embracing Local Flavours and Culture

The Binglanggu Li & Miao Cultural Heritage Park offers a fascinating insight into the rich traditions of the Li and Miao ethnic minorities. From the moment I stepped inside, the park felt like a journey back in time. Traditional thatched houses adorned with intricate carvings stood tall, preserving the heritage of the Li and Miao people. The echoes of ancient rituals, vibrant costumes, and soul-stirring music filled the air, painting a vivid picture of their centuries-old way of life.




There was an entertaining performance showcasing Li and Miao people’s dancing, martial arts, music and marvellous stunts.

Among the intriguing practices is the art of tattooing, which was predominantly for females and considered a symbol of beauty in ancient times. To be buried beside their ancestors, it was customary for individuals, especially women, to have tattoos on their bodies or faces.

Jewelry, particularly silver adornments, plays a vital role in displaying filial piety in their culture. During weddings, spouses present silver jewelry as a token of love and respect. Additionally, their children continue the tradition by gifting silver jewelry to their parents once in a lifetime, symbolizing gratitude and honoring family bonds.

Discovering the art of Binglanggu, also known as the betel nut, was an intriguing experience. The cultivation and processing of this traditional plant played a significant role in the lives of the Li people. The park offers insights into their craftsmanship through handmade Binglanggu products, reflecting the cultural artistry of the region.

Walk Through A Window to the Past

Step into the heart of Haikou’s heritage by visiting Qilou Old Street, a vibrant and bustling pedestrian street boasting a distinctive fusion of Western and Eastern architectural styles. Each building narrates a story of the past, where the merchants of the Silk Road traded, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s identity.

As we explored further, the street came alive with a bustling array of shops, cafes, and stalls. Local artisans proudly displayed their handicrafts, while the aroma of freshly brewed Hainanese coffee filled the air. Trying the local delicacies, including the refreshing coconut pudding to quench thirst, was an essential part of the visit.

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We found a street food stall selling a variety of kuehs and jellies too.

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Unveiling The Gateway to Knowledge

The Wormhole Library in Haikou is a one-of-a-kind architectural marvel that takes visitors on a fascinating journey through space and time. Inspired by the concept of wormholes in astrophysics, this innovative library transcends conventional design to create a captivating and immersive reading experience.

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Upon entering the library, visitors are greeted by a striking tunnel-like structure that simulates the appearance of a wormhole. The interior features curved walls that optimize natural lighting, creating a comfortable reading environment with ample daylight streaming through the space.

Beyond being a place for learning, the library symbolizes Haikou’s dedication to promoting literacy and innovation. This is a must-visit for book lovers and architecture enthusiasts alike.

Exploring Haikou’s Extravagant Oasis of Luxury


Within Ocean Flower Island, the wedding manor not only attracts wedding photoshoots, people flock here for instagram-worthy photos too.
When the night falls, this space becomes a spot for people to enjoy the beautiful Night Light Show.

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Ocean Flower Island, known as “Haihua” in Chinese, is an impressive artificial island situated off the north coast of Danzhou, Hainan province. Fully opened in late 2020, it has become the world’s largest man-made tourism island, covering an expansive 800 hectares (1,980 acres), surpassing the size of Dubai’s Palm Island and earning it the moniker “Dubai of China.”

Comprising of three distinct flower-shaped islets, Ocean Flower Island encompasses 28 major business hubs, such as an international conference and exhibition center, a museum complex, a fairy-tale world, a water park, a botanic garden, a wedding manor, hot springs, 12 Michelin-starred restaurants, Hilton hotels, and duty-free shopping malls.

Visit the Theme Park that Never Sleeps


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We took a ride on the Ferris Wheel which lasted for about 20 minutes. The view was unparalleled as we could see every part of the theme park from the top.

Imagine a place where the magic never sleeps – Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town, China’s first 24-hour theme park, offers an enchanting experience for families seeking day-and-night adventures. With an extensive array of 13 major day-and-night attractions, Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town guarantees endless excitement. From thrilling rides to captivating theatre shows, an aquarium to an observatory wheel, and a multi-sensory cinema to themed restaurants, the park caters to every taste.

Check out this Gastronomic Wonderland After Dark

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Food lovers rejoice as they embark on a gastronomic journey through a plethora of local delicacies at Haida Night Market. From Hainanese specialties like mouthwatering Wenchang chicken to delectable seafood dishes and spicy Sichuan treats, the market satisfies every craving.

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One of the highlights of Haida Night Market is its fresh seafood extravaganza. Seafood enthusiasts revel in the abundance of prawns, crabs, clams, and fish, all freshly caught from Haikou’s bountiful coastal waters. Expertly grilled, fried, or served in aromatic broths, the seafood delights tempt taste buds with their succulent flavors.

In between bites, visitors can explore stalls selling an array of souvenirs, handicrafts, clothing, and accessories. The market is a treasure trove for those seeking unique keepsakes and gifts to take home.

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