Harvestry – Harvest Your Love For Robust Coffee!

December 30, 2017

Located at International Plaza, Harvestry is one of the newest cafes in the central business district of Singapore. Besides serving up freshly ground coffee and teas, the café also whips up all-day breakfast, as well as grain bowls.


The all-day breakfast menu consists mainly of bread items, such as Scrambled Eggs & Toast ($6), Sous Vide Chicken Sandwich ($6.50) and Smoked Salmon Croissant ($9).

Harvestry has quite an extensive menu when it comes to their signature bowls. Diners can look forward to The Full Works ($18), Team Protein ($14), Skinny Down ($12), and more. If you’re one who likes to exercise your creativity, the café also has the ‘Create Your Own Bowl’ option, with prices ranging from $9 to $15.



When we arrived at around 12pm on a weekday, the smoked salmon croissants were already sold out, leaving us with the option of the chicken sandwich.

Even though the menu stated that the chicken breasts were cooked using a sous vide machine, the breasts were still tough and stringy. Stuffed with some lettuce, and tomato, the sandwich was relatively dry, with too little an amount of honey mustard spread. I definitely expected more from the sandwich.



We also tried The Full Works, which comes with Wagyu beef, wok-fried mushrooms, baked tomatoes, mesclun and steamed broccoli. The cafe ran out of broccoli, and offered to replace it with cauliflower.

The grain bowl was lacklustre. The Wagyu wasn’t as tender as I had expected it to be, and the baked tomatoes were not sweet. The grains — a mix of barley and quinoa— was sufficient to keep me sated.


However, the café did redeem itself. Dirty Chai ($6.50), which isn’t commonly found in Singapore, is a blend of espresso and spice chai. The beverage is usually robust and earthy, peppered with hints of spices. The dirty chai at Harvestry was everything that it should be, and I thought it was done really well.


The Malted Caramel Frappe ($7) was fairly different from the ice blended drinks available at familiar coffee chains. The frappe was very well blended and smooth, hence there wasn’t that rough texture that I’m used to. I would consider the frappe to be more like a slushy.


Even though Harvestry may not be as adept in the execution of hot food and grain bowls as compared to other cafes, they sure make a mean cup of coffee.


Address: #01-33 International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903

Phone: 6224 1068

Website: https://www.facebook.com/harvestrysg/

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 8am to 9pm, weekends: 8am to 6pm.

MissTamChiak.com made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.