Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum – Affordable Authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum

Maisie Liu
Maisie Liu
June 05, 2019


When the owner-cum-chef of a dim sum establishment is from Hong Kong, you know that the dim sum is the real deal. Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum’s friendly owner has been a PR in Singapore for more than 20 years. His humble dim sum truly did not disappoint.


I had multiple food hunts lined up after this so I told myself to just get a sufficient taste of everything. However, I wasn’t able to heed my own advice. From the very first dish, I couldn’t help but finish everything! Ho Yun’s flavoursome Century Egg with Lean Pork Porridge ($2.70) was thick, and had the right gooeyness. The crispy crackers made the whole dish even more irresistible! Indeed, an unassuming bowl of goodness!


This Cantonese version of Siew Mai ($2.70) has no shrimps within but it was still delicious. Don’t forget to pair the plump siew mai with the sweet chilli sauce!


The Pork Spare Ribs in black bean sauce was above average too! The meat absorbed the fermented black soybeans thoroughly so it was packed with umami. The meat wasn’t the most tender but I polished the entire dish off in minutes.



While the chicken feet was not the best in taste, the skin was adequately soft and  fell off the bone easily. The exterior of the fried shrimp dumpling was relatively crispy and savoury, while the content was sweet and chewy. I hoped that the mayonnaise accompanying the dumplings was less watery though.


Something unique about Ho Yun is that it offers dim sum rice bowls ($3.20 each), such as pork spare ribs with rice, in Hong Kong style metal bowls. Fried dim sum cost $0.90 each, and 4 pieces go for $3.50. All in all, the prices are extremely affordable. And you know for sure that you’ll be getting great dim sum here. I will be back for more!

Ho Yun (Hong Kong) Tim Sum

Address: 419 Tampines Street 41, #01-80, Singapore 520419

Opening Hours: 7am to 7pm daily, closed on Mondays

MissTamChiak.com made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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