The First Ever Singapore Hokkien Lam Ann Festival – Hokkien Delicacies, Workshops, Live Performances & More

October 01, 2023

If you’ve always wanted to know more about Nan’an (南安), you’re in luck as the Singapore Lam Ann Association presents the country’s first-ever Singapore Hokkien Lam Ann Festival!


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The inaugural festival, which runs from 29 September to 8 October, is organized under the leadership of Mr Neo Kah Kiat, the newly appointed Chairman. The fun-filled event aims to celebrate Nan’an’s rich tradition and spirit, and to create a legacy to pass on to the next generation.

Come by and learn about the colourful culture, storied heritage of the province, and Sheng Gong values of Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolence, Righteousness and Integrity, through a jamboree of Lam Ann cuisine, exciting activities and live performances.


The festival is held at the Singapore Lam Ann Association building which is also right beside the historical Hong San See Temple at 30 Mohamed Sultan Road, so visitors can pop right over for a visit from the festival. The Singapore Lam Ann Association is proud to be the only association that is seated within the same compound of a temple. Gazetted as a national monument in 1978, the Hong San See Temple has seen extensive restoration carried out on its façade and grounds, after which it was awarded the Award of Excellence for the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for Culture Heritage Conservation in 2010.






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At the festival, guests can look forward to 19 food stalls, peddling over 40 delicious Hokkien Minnan-style signatures comprising Hokkien rice Dumplings, Hokkien Mee, Honglai Chicken Feet, Chinese Mustard Green Rice, Five-spiced Meat Rolls, Large Intestine Mee Sua, Oyster Omelette and more. So make sure you come hungry! Traditional sweet treats such as Black Ku Kueh, Quanzhou Peanut Soup, and Sweet Potato Cake are not to be missed as well.

curry chicken


Neo Garden is also selling their famous curry chicken, with all proceeds going to charity!


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A lively lineup of cultural activities, competitions, and family-friendly workshops including lantern making, miniature piglets mooncake baking, lantern riddles, clay sculpting, calligraphy, and Chinese ink painting run throughout the day, so bring the children for a full day of fun! For the adults, take a walk down memory lane at a sharing session with Dr Chua Chee Lay, the one and only former Mandarin tutor of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew.


Highlights of the festival :
A: Cultural Gallery
B: Memory Lane
C: Lee Kong Chian Hall
D: Hong San See Temple
E: Food Street
F: Games and activities

Complete all stations to get a free long-sized hot dog bun!

Singapore Lam Ann Association (Building) 新加坡南安會館

Address: 30 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 238974



This post is brought to you by Lam Ann Festival.