Hunk Seafood – Yes, Irresistible Hunks and Lots of Seafood

Wan Ping Ho
Wan Ping Ho
March 18, 2018

[BANGKOK, THAILAND] What happens when you combine grilled seafood and a bunch of overly-excited Thai men dancing in lace skirts?

Hunk Seafood.

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A stand-alone eatery, Hunk Seafood is located near Hua Nam Market which is filled with many other little food stalls. The eatery is pretty easy to spot, but just in case you miss it, keep your ears open for high-pitched screams. The al fresco eatery is branded by their unusually-dressed waiters who will tirelessly attempt to pull passersby into the eatery. Their zeal to dance and squeal in front of anybody is a performance not to be missed, so remember your cameras. Just a tip! Hopping on a cab makes the journey there much easier since it is a little off Bangkok’s city centre.

When we visited them in December, the temperature was barely 20 degrees and we were all shivering, to say the least. Despite their undersized and skimpy outfits, they were really enthusiastic about dancing and entertaining us even before we stepped foot into the eatery.

After a quick glance, upon arriving, we realised that we were the only tourists there. The staff spoke minimal English, with one speaking basic Mandarin as well. Fortunately, the menu was easy to understand, with sufficient images so ordering would not pose too much of a problem. The only issue is the lack of details about the portion for the price listed. You could go with your gut feel like we did, and order grilled scallops, fresh river prawns, bamboo clams and cockles.

The unpretentious eatery offers a very simple deco consisting of wooden stools and small wooden tables. I must admit it’s not the most comfortable place to dine in, but I guess the experience of having a troupe of dancing Thai men serve us dinner more than made up for it.

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Since we visited the place twice on 2 different days, we realized that their costumes do change. There was a significantly better looking one amongst the lot who only worked on the first night (we were so mesmerised that we forgot to take a picture of him ). You might be disappointed if you’re expecting a shuai ge to serve you dinner, as he’s not always there. 

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The sweet and springy river prawns tasted the best of the lot. Don’t forget to dip your seafood into their classic tangy Thai green chilli sauce or fiery Thai red chilli sauce.

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The bamboo clams were disappointing and did not impress. However, the freshness of seafood can vary depending on the season. If you’re adamant about having bamboo clams, we strongly recommend dipping them into the Thai green chili sauce which lifts the flavour of the clams.

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The cockles that we had on the 2 visits varied rather significantly. On the first night, the cockles were sandier than those that we had on the second night. However, despite that, the plump cockles made a real treat when paired with the red chilli sauce. We did get a couple of cockles that left a bitter taste in our mouths though.

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Surprisingly, the unassuming plate of scallops was also a winner for us. Well-seasoned, tender and sweet, the juicy scallops featured a creamy texture and delicate flavour. We recommend savouring the scallops on their own, without the addition of any sauces.

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The magic of Thai hospitality was clearly evident in this eatery, despite the language barrier. Clearly, the food isn’t what draws throngs of people to this modest seafood eatery so don’t expect mouth-watering seafood here. Nonetheless, if you haven’t visited this unique eatery, we suggest grabbing a few friends and flying out to Bangkok the next chance you get. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth a visit but not a second one.

Hunk Seafood

Address: 11 Prasert-Manukitch Rd, Khwaeng Lat Phrao, Khet Lat Phrao, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230, Thailand

Opening Hours: 6pm to 12am daily.

Facebook: made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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