7 Interesting International Halal Cuisine (Which is your favourite?)

Team Tam Chiak
Team Tam Chiak
June 12, 2017

The practice of fasting during Ramadan means that Muslims may not eat or drink anything, including water, while the sun is shining. Besides indulging in the usual nasi padang, or mee soto, after you break fast, here are 7 interesting international Halal cuisines you can consider trying with your friends and family.

Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant

You can expect an array of Halal Korean dishes such as Budae Jjigae ($36) and Haemul Pajeon ($16) here. The former boasts a fiery spicy army stew which contains chicken, chicken ham, chicken sausage, Korean rice cakes, baked beans, an assortment of mushrooms, tofu, kimchi, ramen, and a slice of cheese. The latter is a seafood pancake with fresh prawns and squids. The batter is not too dense, and the pancake has a nice bite to it.



Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant

Address: #01-02, Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road, Singapore 469000

Phone: 6604 6328

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mukbangofficial/

Hararu Izakaya

Hararu’s lunch menu offers diners a variety of 4 different donburi sets. When night falls, Hararu changes into a Japanese bar and their dinner menu showcases Japanese skewers and other ala carte items. The Unagi Don ($13) features grilled eel with Teriyaki sauce, tamago, pickles and rice. The eel is grilled just right and the meat is tender, boasting a rich and sweet flavour. The Salmon Teriyaki Don ($12) contains grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce, tamago, pickles and rice. The silky salmon skin with slightly charred edges is very enjoyable.



Hararu Izakaya

Address: 16 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199437

Phone: 6291 5373

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12pm to 2.30pm (lunch) and 5pm to 11pm (dinner). Fri & Sat 12pm to 2.30pm (lunch) and 5pm to 12am (dinner). Closed on Mondays.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hararuizakayaSG/

The Dim Sum Place

You will find Halal Cantonese-style cuisine infused with local flavours here. The Vermicelli Roll with Lamb Rendang ($8.90) is unique, and the thick gravy intensely flavoured. We also like the Pan Fried Taro Cake ($2.90 / 3 pieces), Pan Fried Carrot Cake ($2.90 / 3 pieces), as well as the Traditional Egg Tarts ($3.90 / 3 pieces). They look so dainty in an oriental-looking “basket”. The slightly flaky pastry encased a sunny yellow egg custard which tasted as good as it looks.




The Dim Sum Place

Address: 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198759

Phone: 6655 8787

Website: http://www.thedimsumplace.com.sg/

Opening Hours: 11am to 2.30pm (lunch) and 5.30pm to 11pm (dinner) daily.

Pho 4 U

This Halal Vietnamese eatery serves a variety of pho, and other Vietnamese dishes. Pho 4A ($10) is a beef noodle soup with half-cooked steak, well-done brisket, flank and meatballs. Add some fresh greens in for a nice textural crunch in every bite. They are quite generous with the serving of beef, but we thought the broth could have been more robust and flavourful.



Pho 4 U

Address: 783 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198751

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pho4U-Halal-Vietnamese-Cuisine-586786261429153/

The Ramen Stall

You’ll be spoilt for choice dining at The Ramen Stall. We went for their signature Volcano Ramen ($11) which allows diners to choose their desired level of spiciness – 1 being the least spicy and 3 being the most. We had level 2, which we would only recommend for chilli lovers. Each mouthful caused an eruption of fiery flavours. Unfortunately, the natural flavours of the original chicken broth were masked by the chilli. We would have liked the broth more if it had a better balance of spiciness and its original flavour.



The Ramen Stall

Address: 787 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198755

Phone: 6655 0800

Website: http://www.theramenstall.com.sg/

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm to 6am. Sat, Sun & PH 12pm to 6am.

Koh Nangkam

Koh Nangkam is an island located in the Southern part of Thailand. The majority of settlers there are Muslims. Owner Madam Chamchiyah Hodsub was brought up in Koh Nangkam, and she has brought over her own family recipes, and other popular Thai dishes to her restaurant located near Bugis. The Tom Yum Soup ($8/$13/$16) comes with fresh prawns, squids, and sweet, juicy tomatoes. It wasn’t as spicy nor as tangy as we expected. Perhaps, we should’ve tried other dishes.



Koh Nangkam

Address: 4 & 6 Jalan Kledek, Singapore 199261

Phone: 6392 2172

Website: https://www.kohnangkamsg.com/

Opening Hours: 12pm to 10.30pm but closed between 3.45pm to 5pm daily.


Afterwit was inspired by an afterthought of pairing Mexican-influenced fare with an indie café experience. The interior is decorated with a vibrant Mexican flair(think bold colours and rustic furnishings). It’s a great after-work hangout, especially for those with a penchant for spicy flavours. From quesadillas to tortilla pizzas, to tacos, to burritos, there is definitely something for everyone. On weekdays, you can look forward to their Locos Lunch that’s available from 12pm to 3pm.




Address: 778 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198746

Phone: 6299 3508

Website: http://www.afterwit.sg/

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu 12pm to 10pm. Fri & Sat 12pm to 11pm.

We hope you’ll enjoy the food at the places that we’ve shared with you.

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