Ju Xing Home 聚興家 – Hong Kong Chefs’ Hidden Supper Spot

August 01, 2016

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Big thank you to Mr Robert Chua, I had the chance to try Ju Xing Home (聚興家) during my last trip to Hong Kong. This hole-in-the-wall eatery beside Prince Edward Station Exit D is helmed by 38-year-old Chef Wu Jiang Qiao(吳江橋). How special is this?

Apparently, this is the hidden gem / secret supper place of many hotel Chinese chefs after work. So you may be able to spot Michelin three-star Chinese restaurant Lung King Heen’s Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak, two Michelin star Ming Court’s Executive Chef Mango Tsang Chiu Lit, one Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan’s owner/chef Mak Kwai-pui etc. Truly a gathering for many chefs. Even though Chef Wu is considered a junior to many chefs, he is very good with his dishes. That is the reason why many chefs would gather here after work to enjoy classic stir-fry dishes or even share some cooking tips with each other.

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During lunch, they mostly serve set lunches for busy crowd nearby. When night falls, they removed the cover in front of their restaurant to display the fish tanks and crabs in the boxes. So you can choose the catch of the day and how you want to cook it. The menu is too vast, but if you study it long enough, you will find dishes that speaks excellence.

One of the secret weapons of Ju Xing Home is this Clam Soup. Using freshwater fish to boil for hours, what you get is an opaque white in colour broth that has clearly extracted the essence from the fish. What makes the soup impressive is the addition of rice into the broth which allows it to reach a creamy consistency as well as added flavour into the broth. Clams were added to enhance the crustacean flavour while towel gourd absorbs the flavours.

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When I thought I am having garlic steamed fish, I am absolutely wrong because this steamed soon hock comes with crispy grounded nuts (豆酥蒸筍壳鱼). The familiar preparation is done to the fish — steamed until the flesh seemed to quietly exhale, before adding the stir fried ground nuts. Such is a earthy dish in terms of taste and texture, chef said the grounded nuts has got to stir fry till it is fragrance and thick before topping it to the tender and moist fish.

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The restaurant also does a variety of sichuan dishes. Just look at this Poached Chilli Beef (麻辣水煮手切牛肉), there is generous slices of tender beef with a stock that is spiced with fresh red chilli, dried chilli, fermented bean paste and peppercorns. Each slice is really tender! Deep fried with sichuan peppers, slices of garlic, scallion, the chicken chunks marks the right interstices of salty and spicy, without quite mustering a distinct character.

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The stir fried sea prawns were so fresh and tasty, together with the stir fried vegetables, it brings a great ending to the meal. Look at those golden roe in the prawns… Robert and Peggy were raving about his sweet and sour pork that I have to try, but unfortunately, it was not available during our day of visit, so looks like I have to be back again. It’s a small cozy eatery so please go early because they are usually packed by 6pm!

Ju Xing Home 聚興家

Address: G/F 418 Portland Street, Prince Edward

Phone: +852 2392 9283

Opening Hours: 11am -3pm; 5pm to 2am

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