Kam Long Curry Fish Head @ Johor Bahru. (Simply Delicious!)

May 22, 2015

Kam Long Curry Fish Head Sign

Kam Long Curry Fish Head. The fish heads.
Kam Long Curry Fish Head

Curry fish head for breakfast? It may seems heavy for many of us, but Kam Long Curry Fish Head is probably one of the locations you want to skip lunch crowd. We took a 5 minutes short walk from City Square @ Johor Bahru and the place was already crowded even on a weekday morning.

Kam Long has been in business for more than 30 years. This is one of those unpretentious old school kopitiam eatery that only sells one dish – curry fish head. Many a time, I have seen how restaurants create a whole menu of 100 dishes, but never do a dish at its best. Sometimes, they are even unsure of what’s their signature dish. But here at Kam Long, you know they are selling curry fish head and yet has faithful patrons willing to wait under the hot sun for the food, it has got to be good.

The servings came in individual (RM 18), small (RM 22), medium (RM 33) or large (RM 44). The service is pretty efficient as the fish head curry was served in less than 10 minutes, in a claypot. Once order is made, the boss will place the fish head into the claypot, pour their signature curry and cook it over fire. What appeared on our table is a pot of pipping hot curry fish head.

Kam Long Curry Fish Head

Kam Long Curry Fish Head

Kam Long Curry Fish Head's tau pok (deep-fried beancurd)

Our group of 7 ordered a huge claypot of curry fish head to share. Taking a sip of the curry, I knew that one claypot is definitely not enough for all the hungry foodies. The tender flesh of the ang ko li (red snapper) came off the fork easily. The flesh is so soft, absorbing the curry flavours really well. The spices from the curry enhance the natural flavour of the head without overpowering it. Together with tofu skin, ladies finger, long beans and cabbage, it’s a complete meal on its own.

The addictive gravy is made using a variety of spices normally found in Malay and Indian curries, not as tangy. The result is satisfying, a hot and mildly spicy gravy that titillates the tastebuds and makes you reach out for more to drizzle over the steamed white rice. It’s so easy to drink that we can just enjoy the curry gravy on its own too. They will top up the curry sauce if you want more.

I really enjoy is the tau pok (deep-fried beancurd) that soaks up the delicious gravy thoroughly. Our meal costs RM56.00 (SGD20.75). If you want to visit Kam Long, I suggest you to come before 11.30am as the queue is shorter. The curry is pretty much sold out by 2:30 pm. If you can’t locate the shop, just follow your nose.

Kam Long Curry Fish Head

Address: 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +6016-752-8382, +6016-796-2228. +6016-205-1610
GPS: 1.459398, 103.764758
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8am to 4:30pm

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