Kam’s Roast – Hong Kong Michelin-Starred Restaurant Opens In Singapore

November 17, 2016


Kam’s Roast first overseas branch has opened in Pacific Plaza, located next to the Michelin-starred ramen restaurant Tsuta! The flagship outlet in Hong Kong was awarded the Michelin Star in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 editions of MICHELIN Guide Hong Kong & Macau. Started by Mr Hardy Kam in 2014, Hardy was the grandson of the late Mr Kam Shui Fai, who founded the Hong Kong roast goose institution, Yung Kee Restaurant. Within 6 months of opening, Kam’s had earned a Michelin star.

[EXCLUSIVE!] Kam’s Roast Goose: Moving On From Yung Kee to the Michelin Star

Head Chef Wong Kwan-sang has also flew to Singapore to train the staff and make sure everything is smooth in the beginning. The chef helming Kam’s Roast in Singapore used to work at Yung Kee and will be permanently based in Singapore. Another chef from Kam’s Roast Goose will be stationed here for a month. With careful supervision from the original roster of Hong Kong chefs, the same Kam’s Roast will achieve the same quality and standards expected of the dishes.


Using the family recipe and the same sauce and marinade techniques used back in Hardy’s grandfather’s day, signature dishes at Kam’s include roast duck, suckling pig and “toro” char siew made with premium pork belly. With everything done fresh daily, the whole process takes a few hours, including cleaning, marinating, air-drying and then roasting. There is slight crisp in the skin with a layer of fats underneath. The meat was juicy and tender, even better with the subtly sweet plum sauce. The first plate which I tried, they drenched a little too much sauce hence the skin turned soggy. Subsequent plate that my husband had was much better.

‘Toro’ Char Siu is a secret recipe by Mr Kinsen Kam Kwan Sing, who was once the second-generation owner at the famed Yung Kee. The premium pork belly is seasoned with Kam family’s award-winning marinade. The slab of meat is barbequed and boasts a melt-in-your-mouth texture. It’s more on the sweet side and I thought a little more char is good to get a greater smoky flavour.

Even though the duck was the highlight, what impressed me was the sio bak instead. I think Kam’s has got the right formula. The skin is crispy brittle and you can hear the crackling sound when you bite the skin. The first bite producing a noisy crunch from the skin before it gives way to the juicy layers of well-seasoned tender and moist meat under it. OOOMPHH…..

There is roast chicken with ginger and scallions dip as well. Suckling pig is also available at Kam’s. Corporations or individuals can also order the Suckling Pig for events or celebratory occasions too. It is roasted gently for long hours, and the collagen produced from the meat is bound to please.


My dining partners all love the legendary Wonton Noodles, exclusively available in Singapore. Apparently, it was the same noodles that Mr Kinsen Kam Kwan Sing served in Yung Kee. Al dente with a firm bite, the noodles are air flown from Hong Kong daily, hence absolute freshness is guaranteed. Not much alkaline taste, it has got that eggy fragrance. The noodles can be accompanied with slices of Kam’s famous roasts or their goldfish-shaped wontons which I have not tried.

End your meal with red bean dessert cooked with premium mandarin peel that has aged for decades, hence they are more potent in aroma and taste. At Singapore’s outlet, you will get to see the same artist’s impression of Kam’s family on the wall, just like the one in Hong Kong. Congratulations to Mr Hardy Kam and Mr Robert Chua!

Kam's Roast

Address: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 228210

Phone: 6836 7788

Website: http://www.kamsroast.com.sg/

Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm (Monday to Friday) and 10am to 10pm (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kamsroast