A Sneak Peak into LG Smart Home in Korea – Where Life Runs More Efficiently

July 19, 2019

When we purchased a three-bedroom two years ago, my husband decided to make it a smart one — where he could control the lights, refrigerator, televisions, security cameras and everything in between — with the sound of his voice or a click on his smartphone.

Some friends and family members were skeptical. But he went ahead and purchased a whole package of smart appliances and other gadgets which can be connected to the internet or be remotely controlled with a mobile device or smart speaker. He uses a voice assistant to play music, uses the smartphone to control the temperature of the refrigerator and even see who’s ringing our doorbell.


Smart home appliances are tuned to simplify our lives at home. It’s no surprise that big brands like LG are creating a buzz in the world of smart appliances.

Just last month, we visited the newly opened LG Research Lab, LG Science Park and LG Inspiration Gallery in Korea to understand the food science and technology used to enhance the various kitchen appliances that the brand manufactures. Let us walk you through a day in LG Smart Home.

6:00 AM


Waking up early for work? Let LG CLOi Home wake you up! It looks like a child’s toy as it has a super adorable face, but don’t be deceived by this little bot. It acts as a hub to connect to other LG ThinQ appliances in the home and uses voice recognition technology to complete household tasks such as turning on/off the air conditioner, playing music, creating reminders and even giving you traffic updates.

7:00 AM


Time for breakfast? Let LG Signature’s refrigerator help you! LG’s InstaView™ Door-in-Door refrigerators allows you to see inside the easy-access door without letting the cold air out. Simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents within. The smart fridge also sends alerts about expiring food and offers recipes for meals that include those expiring items.



For example, the ricotta cheese in the fridge expires in a few days’ time, so the fridge recommends a lasagna recipe. Once you’re ready to start cooking, the fridge will tell the oven to go ahead and start preheating to the proper temperature. Then it will walk you through each step on the refrigerator’s touchscreen.

FUN FACT: Do you know LG has a specialised kimchi refrigerator? At LG Electronics’ Food Science Research Institute in Changwon, the researchers conduct studies on how to keep food fresh, ferment kimchi, and various cooking methods using its kitchen appliances. Kimchi is a staple for Koreans and the existence of this fridge isn’t that surprising. When stored in a regular fridge, Kimchi can become sour after about a week and we are always complaining about the overpowering smell. The LG Kimchi refrigerators provide a perfect environment for fermentation. They have a more consistent and colder temperature with less moving air and more humidity. This was just so damn cool.

8:00 AM


Once you are done with breakfast, you can wash your dishes with LG Quadwash Steam Dishwasher. With TrueSteam and QuadWash technology, the dishwasher can help to loosen tough caked-on food before the main washing cycle begins. The EasyRack system allows you to adjust to any type of kitchenware, even long-stem wine glass. It makes kitchen clean up a breeze.

9:00 AM


It’s bright and sunny! Time to do some washing. LG’s New Big-Capacity Twinwasher and Dryer allow you to run two loads at once while gently drying a third at lower temperature. Thankfully, it is able to deliver cleaner laundry in less time, so I can rush for my meeting thereafter. Oh wait, in fact the washer and dryer are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which allows you to turn your machine on or off and monitor the cycle anywhere.

11:00 AM

While I’m out, LG R9 robotic vacuum comes out to play! It uses onboard cameras to analyse your home, map their path and efficiently clean your space.

7:00 PM


It’s a long day of meetings and finally, home sweet home! I put my jacket into LG Styler which helps to sanitize and remove sweat. The deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers reduce wrinkles in the clothes, making it look fresh.

7:30 PM


I just want to prepare a quick and easy dinner after a tiring day. Some fried chicken wings and beer sound good. Equipped with LG’s unique Smart Inverter, the NeoChef can handle practically any cooking job. It comes with specialized settings for preparing a variety of ingredients, offering the delicate control required for tasks such as melting chocolate or cheese. You can even enjoy your favorite fried treats, without the guilt, as it contains less oil and 72% less fats.

8:30 PM


RELAX TIME! LG’s new OLED TV was dubbed “wallpaper” because it’s so insanely thin and light. Approximately 4mm thin, it attaches directly to the wall with special magnets that pull the screen flush – leaving no gap – just like wallpaper. Turn it on, and the end-effect is, at first, hard-to-believe… like the TV is actually part of the wall, or was drawn on the wall.

11:30 PM


When it’s time for bed, you can now ask your LG Air Conditioner to cool your room. You will be able to use simple voice commands to adjust thermostat settings on your LG air conditioner. Lights off, goodnight!




Now you have a sense of how your day could go, make sure you have a smartphone and you can install a totally integrated smart-home system.

LG’s ThinQ technology has become the centerpiece of the AI world; and every day it’s learning more about how AI can assist people in their homes and beyond to make life better.

From checking the temperature of your wine and telling you when to buy milk, to helping you with laundry and watching high-quality movies in your house, LG’s appliances have you covered. That’s the beauty of the smart home — when these products start working together to create meaningful solutions. ThinQ really is the home of the future.

This is a sponsored trip to Korea by LG, but all opinions are my own.