Ms Maria & Mr Singh – Chef Gaggan Brings Mexican-Indian Fusion to Singapore

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
October 29, 2022

We know many folks were absolutely gutted when Chef Gaggan Anand’s residency at the Mandala Club concluded in June this year. That’s why we’re here to be the bearer of good news by announcing that his Mexican-Indian fusion restaurant – Ms Maria & Mr Singh – has officially opened its doors at Tanjong Pagar as of 24 October 2022. 

First opened in Bangkok in 2020, Ms Maria and Mr Singh tells the fictional love story between a Mexican girl and an Indian boy that translates into an eclectic menu, and a hideaway that blends both cultures into its decor. Thanks to The Proper Concepts Collective (the same folks behind popular brands like The Feather Blade and RAPPU), you can now enjoy an eclectic gastronomical experience here. 


Once you set foot into the restaurant that beckons you in with its subtle neon signage on the window outside, you’ll be transported into an intimate world lit up with warm lights in rattan lampshades. The traditional saree fabrics “floating” from the ceiling adds a touch of whimsy and the pampas grass adorning the walls gives the place a rustic charm. 

Enjoy a complimentary bowl of Mixed Chips featuring crispy sweet purple potato, sweet orange potato, yam and yellow corn tortilla. They’re artfully paired with four house-made dips – Pickled Mango, Chilli Cheese Sauce, Guacachutney and Pickled Baby Corn – that gave us our first glimpse into the fun world of Mexican-Indian fusion cuisine. 


Call them starters or tapas, but we definitely felt the strongest influences of the fusion between the two cuisines here. The Papdi Chaat ($18) is Chef Gaggan’s take on a traditional Indian street snack. His signature ‘Yoghurt Explosion” commands the spotlight here with a blend of chaat masala and yoghurt in a quaint sphere atop papdi crackers. Pop the whole thing into your mouth for a combination of sweetness and tanginess. 


Another appetiser with Mexican and Indian influences is the Cold Curry Ceviche ($20) comprising a vibrant arrangement of sweet Hokkaido scallops, avocado, corn salsa, guacachutney, cucumber and Leche de Tigre. It’s certainly an unusual dish but worth trying for those chasing new flavours. 


If you’re truly one with an adventurous palate, you can’t skip the Maria Singh Fish Tacos ($18 for two pieces) that comes with a twist. One piece of barramundi fish is marinated in Ms Maria’s secret marinade that gives it a fiery heat, while the other is marinated in Mr Singh’s secret marinade with lesser spice and a more herbaceous tinge. Both fish are wrapped in perilla leaf instead of your standard taco shells. 

To make this dish more exciting, pair it with Ms Maria & Mr Singh Shots ($16) that are specially designed to complement the tacos! 


Other starters to indulge in include the super addictive Spicy Crunchy Okra ($12), Truffle Quesadilla ($28 for six pieces) and Hate Veggies Love Peanut Mole ($14). 


The main courses started leaning more towards Indian cuisine rather than an intriguing blend of Mexican and Indian cuisines. That’s not to say that they weren’t delicious, though. Gaggan’s Crab Curry ($32) is an iconic signature dish that sees tender chunks of crab meat stir-fried with black pepper and curry leaves in a silky-smooth and aromatic Southern Indian curry base. 


The Patrani Fish Tamal ($30) reminded us a little of sambal stingray, featuring a perfectly roasted barramundi fillet marinated in a fragrant and punchy patrani masala rub. We also loved the Chicken Tikka Masala ($18) that came in a heavenly tomato and cream curry base. 


Looking for something hearty and comforting at the same time? Tuck into the Biryani – Surf & Turf ($28) comprising fluffy grains cooked in a myriad of classic Indian spices. But here’s the twist – you’ll unearth prawns, morsels of scallop meat as well as beef tongue mixed in with the biryani. Unconventional for sure, but tasty indeed. They also serve Biryani – Morel Mushrooms ($28) for vegetarian folks. 


There’s always room for dessert and the Avocado Falooda ($16) is one you should undoubtedly save stomach space for. This unique version of the traditional Indian dessert excellently unites the flavours and textures of vanilla ice cream, avocado mousse, coconut jelly and basil seeds. Topped with lemon foam, it’s definitely an attractive dessert. 


The one that’s a vision for the ‘gram though, is the Mango Yuzu Snowball ($24). It also has a celebrity status, having been featured on MasterChef Singapore. The gelato-like Alphonso mango and yuzu base had a gentle sweetness complemented with a refreshing burst of tanginess, spruced up with chopped mangos and a sprinkling of white chocolate snow. 


Liven up your night with the Banana Rhubarb Old-Fashioned ($22), where the classic old-fashioned meets a sweet and fruity twist of banana-infused Monkey Shoulder and a smidge of rhubarb that both the ladies and gentlemen will enjoy. 


While the mains weren’t quite what we were expecting from the way Ms Maria and Mr Singh was portrayed, the tapas definitely hit the spot. The electric and intimate vibe also makes it the perfect place to catch up with friends or for a date night, so be sure to make your way down to Tanjong Pagar if you’re up for something different!

Ms Maria & Mr Singh

Address: 43 Craig Road, Singapore 089681

Phone: 9654 4351


Email Address:

Opening Hours: 6pm to 10.30pm, Wednesday to Thursday, 12pm to 2.30pm, 6pm to 10.30pm, Friday to Sunday.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

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