New Lucky Claypot Rice – Michelin Bib Gourmand, Lucky or not?

Nathanael Chan
Nathanael Chan
June 24, 2017

New Lucky Claypot Rice

Amongst the list of the 38 eateries featured in the Michelin Bib Gourmand list 2017, New Lucky Claypot Rice is a new entrant featuring traditional claypot rice cooked over charcoal fire to bring out the smoky flavours from the charcoal.

Owing to the fact that each claypot rice dish takes 45 minutes to be ready, expect at least a minimum waiting time of 45 minutes for your claypot rice if you don’t call to place your order. We called in at 4pm so we only waited 10 minutes for our claypot rice to be ready at 530pm.

New Lucky Claypot Rice: Preparation

Depending on the number of people you invited, they offer a regular size and a large size for big eaters which costs $5 more. For us, we got the regular sized version at $10 for 2 people and the servings were pretty generous. We also got the oyster sauce vegetables ($4) and a bowl of preserved vegetable soup ($4) to complete the hearty dinner. You also have the option to add ingredients like chicken meat or Chinese sausages for a minimum of $5.

New Lucky Claypot Rice: Adding Soya Sauce

The claypot rice is served with huge chunks of chicken, salted fish and Chinese sausages. If you listen carefully, you’ll also be able to hear the rice sizzling in the claypot when served. New Lucky Claypot Rice also allows for you to customize how much oil and dark soya sauce you want to add into your rice so that you can enjoy it just the way you like. Make sure to mix well so that the entire dish gets evenly coated with the soya sauce and oil.

New Lucky Claypot Rice

As we mixed the rice, we also observed some crispy charred chunks of rice which were crackly and contrasts the soft fragrant rice on top. The rice was sufficiently moist without being overly dry and carries small bits of meat to ensure that every bite you take is filled with some ingredients not just plain rice. The salted fish is added in moderation so that the saltiness doesn’t overpower the dish. The chicken is cooked till firm but be careful of the bones. One thing that stood out would be the smoky charcoal smell from the dish that you don’t get everywhere. Overall, I felt that the rice was cooked through evenly with a consistent flavour throughout.

New Lucky Claypot Rice:  Vegetables

We also ordered the oyster sauce vegetables to balance our diet by adding some fiber to our meal. For $4, the vegetables were sufficiently crunchy and fresh, garnished with shallots and oyster sauce.

New Lucky Claypot Rice: Soup

To top our dinner off, we also got the preserved vegetable soups with pork ribs. It is served in a huge bowl of soup with tomatoes and preserved vegetables. The flavour from the preserved vegetables is prevalent in the soup with a slight tanginess. I liked that the soup helps to take off some of the heaviness from the claypot rice and would highly recommend it to go with the claypot rice. The pork ribs were chewy with a nice bite but I would’ve preferred to be softer.

Not surprisingly, New Lucky Claypot Rice has little to not like but a lot to love. It wouldn’t hit me as the best claypot rice in Singapore but I think it really doesn’t get much better than this. The Claypot was well executed with generous servings for an affordable price and if you call early, this makes for a splendid lunch or dinner.

New Lucky Claypot Rice

Address: 44 Holland Drive, #02-19, Singapore 270044

Phone: +65 6778 7808 (Call 1 hour beforehand to place order)

Opening Hours: 11am to 1pm, 5pm to 8pm daily. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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