One Raffles Place – Kick Off The CNY Festivities With Seven All-New Dining Options

Sheila Hong
Sheila Hong
January 22, 2021

Standing with pride in the heart of the CBD, One Raffles Place is home to many attractive dining establishments which feed the hungry crowd very well. With the Lunar New Year fast approaching, One Raffles Place is celebrating auspicious tidings and fresh starts, in the form of 7 spanking new F&B options! What we love especially about these new additions is how quick and convenient it is to grab bites from them during the lunch rush. 

Take a walk with us through one of the CBD’s most iconic buildings and check out these newcomers that have settled in.

ChaTraMue (#B1-06)



While we can only dream of a Bangkok getaway, and roaming the shopping streets with an iced cold Thai Milk Tea in hand at the moment, we can actually satisfy those cravings at ChaTraMue! Their authentic Thai Milk Tea ($3.20/$3.80) which has a rich history dating back to 1945, will not disappoint. Beat the heat with their aromatic Assam Red Tea ($5.60) that comes with a mix of brown sugar pearls and jelly or the pretty-in-pink Rose Milk Tea ($6.20). The latter is brewed using real rose petals and oolong tea leaves that have been pressed 15 times. The result is a very fragrant concoction that shines. And if you’re busy counting calories, opt for their low-fat, zero-sugar, low-calorie Hokkaido Milk Tea series ($4.20) instead.

Flash Coffee (#B1-34)


International coffee chain Flash Coffee has made a splash with their striking yellow takeaway cups. Brewed with premium 100% Arabica coffee beans, the cups of Joe start from just $2.50 — a mighty affordable price for the CBD. Apart from the usual suspects, their fun line of signature beverages includes a unique Iced Avo Latte ($5.80/$6.80), refreshing bubbly Iced Lychee Espresso Soda ($5.40/$6.40), and fragrant Iced Melaka Latte ($4.80/S$6) that won me over in all but a sip. Joining the line-up is a CNY special brimming with zestiness and chocolatey goodness. Get festive with the new and delicious Ox Orange Mocha in either hot or iced version($5.80/S$6.80).


Mr. Coconut (#B1-35)


Homegrown brand Mr. Coconut is the refreshing answer to Singapore’s heat. Using 100% fresh coconut juice from Thailand, the beverage chain has garnered quite the fan base and snaking queues are often seen at many of their outlets. Purists will enjoy the Fresh Coconut Juice ($4.60/$5.60) but we definitely recommend giving the Shake Signature series a go. You can also jazz up your Coconut Shake ($4.40/$5.40) with toppings such as aloe vera and nata de coco or simply explore fruity infusions. Our favourite has to be the Coconut Mango Shake ($5.30/$6.30) which gives you the best of both worlds in a perfect balance.


Namino Hana (#B1-23)


Namino Hana helps busy bees stay on-the-go with fresh Japanese bentos that come packed with the essential food groups. Each set promises proteins on a bed of premium Japanese rice, a colourful salad, and half a glistening Ajitsuke egg. The in-house speciality is the tender Chicken Teriyaki drizzled in their special homemade sauce ($10). Other Japanese classics include a Yakitori Bento ($12) with three skewers of chicken meatballs, pork belly with garlic seasoning and chicken teriyaki, as well as a pan-fried Wagyu Hamburger Bento ($17.80) liberally topped with mushrooms, onions and sweet teriyaki sauce.


Proofer Boulangerie (#B1-36/37)


This modern bakery is your one-stop shop for artisanal bakes and gourmet pizzas. From fragrant lemon butter cakes to ham and cheese boules, all products at Proofer Boulangerie are made fresh daily. The team takes pride in achieving perfect textures and contrasting flavours. They also have a selection of pizzas boasting fluffy crusts and varied flavours at affordable prices ($3.90 for a quarter pan, $13.90 for a whole pan). You can’t go wrong with the Ono Hawaiian which is covered with sweet pineapple chunks, ham, cheese and tomato sauce.


Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg (#01-01/14)

Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef below $20? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s a reality here at Syohachi Wagyu Hamburg. The fast casual farm-to-table restaurant imports its meats directly from the acclaimed Hidakami Ranch in Miyagi Ken, Japan, and specialises in firing up wallet-friendly top-grade wagyu beef patties that emits juicy flavours with every bite. The Syohachi Japanese A5 Wagyu Hamburg Steak Set ($16.50) comes with a side of salad and Japanese steamed rice doused with their signature beef gravy and a smattering of assorted mushrooms. The Beef Toastie Set ($10.70) is tasty enough on its own but for a truly indulgent experience, add on some cheddar cheese and egg omelette!


Qin Ji Rougamo (#B1-28/29)


Swap out your regular ol’ burgers for these insanely crispy roujiamo. Hailing from China, Qin Ji Rougamo is a chain specialising in Chinese burgers — think braised meat sandwiched between flaky pastry-like buns. The best-selling Qinji Pork Rougamo ($4.90) is stuffed with succulent pork that balances out the light and satisfying crunch of the bread. Still hungry? The Pickled Cabbage Fish with Rice Noodles ($8.50) has our stamp of approval. Tender and flavourful, the fish slices are nicely paired with the slippery noodles and tangy broth that carries hints of mala. And of course, the pickled cabbage adds an overall flair to the myriad of flavours.


CNY Special

With a minimum spend of $68, redeem a $10 e-voucher that can be used anywhere in One Raffles Place, plus an exclusive angbao. Just grab a few of your colleagues and head down during your lunch break to check out these exciting new offerings and find your new favourite dining go-to. Download the ORP app via Apple Store or Google Play Store and refer to the promotions in-app for more details.

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