Park Bench Deli – Gourmet Sandwiches at Telok Ayer Street

August 20, 2015

Park Bench Deli: Interior
Park Bench Deli: Menu & Price List
Park Bench Deli: Packed Beef Sandwich

Sandwich is back in a big way with the opening of Park Bench Deli. Previously, their signature sandwiches are only available for pop-ups. Now you can enjoy all of it at Telok Ayer! Helmed by renowned Chef Ming Tan of Lolla, Chef Andrei Soen of The Cajun Kings and management guru Aamir Ghani, Park Bench Deli brings chef’s perspective to the good ole sandwich.

With more than a decade of culinary experience under their belt, the team has designed a menu using quality ingredients to recreate timeless classics with a twist, incorporating local dishes into sandwiches.

Park Bench Deli: Kong Bak Banh Mi Park Bench Deli: Fried Chicken Sandwich

I ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich ($14), featuring Whole boneless chicken thighs marinated with lemon zest, garlic and rosemary, then cooked sous-vide for several hours to retain a moist bite. The thighs are then marinated in buttermilk overnight, dredged in flour and more spices and deep-fried for a most satisfying crunch. Served with a corn and cabbage slaw held together with a homemade Russian dressing spread, I love it very much and I appreciate the efforts that the team put in to create such a great chicken!

Another worth-trying sandwich includes Kong Bak Banh Mi ($14). “Banh mi” is just the Vietnamese word for “sandwich,” but the traditional Vietnamese sandwich is usually stuffed with barbequed meats on a crisp baguette. At Park Bench Deli, their pork belly is braised for 24 hours in their homemade sauce, resulting to meltingly tender meat. It is paired with crispy pickle mix and spicy roasted peanuts.

The Cheese Steak ($16) features sliced beef gorgeously flash seared using industrial strength high heat, and sauteed onions tossed in a homemade American cheese sauce. The thin slices make it easy for you to take a bite, and the quality beef makes you moan with every mouthful. It’s S$16 for a six-inch roll, but so worth it.

Park Bench Deli: croutons with creamed spinach dip
Park Bench Deli: potato salad

Some small bites to go along with the sandwiches include potato salad ($6) with bacon bits and croutons with creamed spinach dip ($4.50). Do you have any recommendations for great sandwiches?

Park Bench Deli

Address: 179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627
Tel: 6815 4600
Opening hours: Mondays – Fridays 9am – 3pm

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