Poland Tastes Good – We Discovered the Best Food Products Poland Has to Offer at FHA Singapore 2024 (23-26 April)

Kimberley Yeo
Kimberley Yeo
April 26, 2024

Even if you have never been to Poland you must have heard of the slogan “Poland Tastes Good”. As the slogan suggests, Poland’s rich and diverse culinary heritage, which is influenced by various cultures due to its location at the crossing of Europe’s major trade routes, promises tasty dishes and delicious food products.



Poland is a growing export powerhouse — Polish agri-food exports surged to EUR 51.8 billion in 2023, and agri-food exports to non-EU countries soared to EUR 13.8 billion, up 11% from the previous year, showcasing Poland’s global reach.

Why is Poland one of the leading food producers in the European Union?

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– Poland’s temperate climate is ideal for agricultural prosperity — Poland leads the EU in poultry production and ranks third in both cereal and milk production. From the crisp apples of the orchards in Masovia to the earthy mushrooms of the Mazurian forests, Poland offers an incredible range of produce. Consumers can expect great quality cold meats and sausages, fish and caviar, cheeses and curds, honey, chocolate, cookies and other confectionery products(also available in vegan and organic versions) as well.

– Poland has world-class producers with modern facilities that meet the highest safety standards pertaining to sustainable agriculture and food safety. They have rigorous quality control measures, including HACCP, ISO 22000, GMP, and GHP, and stringent national quality systems, such as the Quality Assurance of Food Products (QAFP) for pork and poultry, and Quality Meat Programme (QMP) for beef in place. Polish companies are also adept at storing and preparing goods for long-distance transportation, making sure that consumers in 196 countries receive the freshest products.

Highlights at the Polish Pavilion at FHA Singapore 2024 (23 – 26 April, Singapore Expo Hall 5, stand no 5E3-01)
Each year, the best Polish food products will be exhibited at the Polish stand during FHA Food & Beverage Singapore at Singapore Expo. The Polish government plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of the agri-food sector, facilitating partner-ships and trade missions through institutions like the National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR) by promoting innovation, sustainability, and competitiveness.

Live Cooking Shows (12pm & 3pm)

Chef Sebastian Kornacki and Chef Maciej Fabisiak in action

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Turkey breast stuffed with plums, apricots and cranberries with honey, served with root vegetables in butter, and organic millet pralines in a crunchy nut coating


Royal cheesecake served with cherry sauce with aroma spices and crunchy salted caramel flakes



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poland tastes good

There’s a huge emphasis on using 100% natural ingredients in their products, which is very important to consumers, and is something I really appreciate. Many of the exhibitors are multigenerational family businesses and oversee the entire process of producing their goods. It’s interesting to see their innovative and modern takes on traditional and time-tested recipes. Expect to find award-winning confectionery, luscious honey with fruit puree, tasty bites, beverages with health benefits, and more.

ACTIV – NFC juices
BIO PLANET – organic products
Canpro – canned meat, corned beef and canned ready meals
COLIAN – Biscuits, pralines, chocolates
DROBEX – chicken
GOODVALLEY – frozen pork, processed pork products
LESTELLO – cereal products, cakes, groats, rice, flakes, leguminous products
MASFROST – frozen vegetables and vegetable mixes
MASPEX – dragees, cereal products, biscuits and snacks, fruit powders, granola, instant products
MICROBLIC – honey products
NEWTRITION – healthy sweets, snacks and small meals
PERLA POLSKA – antipasti and hummus
POLSKA RÓŻA – functional beverages, NFC juices (with health-promoting benefits), fruit syrups and rose petals preserves
SĄDECKI BARTNIK – honey and other bee products
ZPC SKAWA – wafers, dragees, biscuits
SPACEFRUITS – freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
VICI POLSKA – UHT milk, oil, packaged beverages
Vobro – chocolate products

Visit https://www.polandtastesgood.pl/en/ for more information, and if you’re in HoReCa, visit FHA 2024 for a taste of Poland!


This post is brought to you by National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR)