redpan @ Marina Square – Local Fun Dining by DP Architects and GRUB

March 09, 2016

Home-grown architecture practice DP Architects and local restaurateurs The Food Explorer Group, owners of popular bistro GRUB, have just revealed a joint F&B venture – redpan. This new restaurant is a love affair between design and food. The partnership has allowed both parties from very different industries to focus on their strengths of design as well as food development respectively, each bringing their best to the table.

redpan: Signage @ Marina Square

Redpan: Restaurant Architecture

Distilling architecture down to its most pared-down forms, the design of the restaurant focuses on playing with simple and basic materials through architectural contouring, such as the use of purpose-built plywood for walls, screed for floors, concrete and basic geometrical elements like clean lines, curves and orthogonal furniture.

Menu wise, redpan is conceptualised around “local fun dining”, with a strong spotlight on local ingredients and familiar flavours, served up in creative interpretations of modern dishes at very affordable prices.

Lunch (start from 11am)

redpan: Chicken Cheese Arabiki Sausages on the left & Fried Calamari on the right
redpan: Pork Pops with Tangy Mango Sauce

Start your lunch with appetizers such as Fried Calamari ($9) and Chicken Cheese Arabiki Sausages ($8), both dipped in the homemade sambal mayo. The squid is marinated in buttermilk to tenderize the squid before deep-frying till golden brown. The juicy Pork Pops with Tangy Mango Sauce ($9), Char Siew Chilli Fries ($7) and Tuckshop Fried Chicken Wings ($8) are great for after-work drinks.

redpan: Lup Cheong Mac & Cheese

Enjoy unique dishes include Lup Cheong Mac & Cheese ($14), a comforting dish of macaroni tossed in a cheesy bechamel, studded with bursts of flavours from lupcheong, a local cured Chinese sausage known for its sweet yet savoury flavour, and fragrant curry leaves.

redpan: Prawn & Hae Bee Hiam Pasta

Prawn & Hae Bee Hiam Pasta ($16) is an addictively spicy dish featuring tagliatelle tossed in a house-made spicy shrimp paste from Chef Mervyn Phan’s grandmother’s recipe. The pasta is cooked till al dente and is wickedly spicy, with crunchy prawns. Don’t forget to squeeze in some lime. This is one of the best things I’d eaten in redpan.

redpan: Hainanese Pork Cutlet

Hainanese Pork Cutlet ($13) is a dish that sends me right back to my childhood since I am an Hainanese. The quality of ingredients can make or break a dish, so having ideal meat is important. The thinly sliced pork loin is coated with crumbs and deep-fried. The slightly tangy and sweet sauce to go with the pork is heavenly. Other pocket-friendly familiar local favourites for lunch includes Temasek Chicken Chop ($12) and Fish & Chips ($13).

redpan: Steak & Chinchalok

Go straight for the Steak & Chinchalok ($22), a glorious 200g of sirloin steak that’s charred to perfection, wonderfully tender and packs a punch of flavour along with the accompanying housemade spicy chinchalok, pickled onions and smashed potatoes. Chinchalok? Yes, it’s chinchalok! It is one dip that strikes familiar with the locals. Tiny shrimps persevered extensively in brine and chilli, this dip’s sea saltiness flavour and umami taste goes well with the succulent and flavoursome beef, creating a different dimension in taste. Guys, you got to try this!

Dinner from Grill (6pm)

redpan: Beef Short-Rib with Bovil
redpan: Natural Pork Belly

The grill items feature premium cuts of meat like 100% Natural Pork Belly ‘Bak Kut Teh’ ($21) and Beef Short-Rib ‘Satay’ ($32) served on beautiful marble slabs, a material not commonly used in the plating of dishes in restaurants.

redpan: Corn-fed Magret Duck Breast

I love the way the buttery flavour and texture of the Corn-fed Magret Duck Breast ($26) is balanced with the slightly sweet yet tart acidity of the cherry compote, pomegranate and kechap manis glaze.


redpan: Sticky Date Pudding

For desserts, the restaurant’s Red Date Butter Cake ($8) uses local red dates in its cake base as it offers less cloying sweetness and more pronounced date flavour. Another dessert to try is the Banana Milo Dinosaur Donuts ($7), featuring handmade fluffy banana donuts with layers of differing textures of condensed milk, milo powder and crushed hazelnuts.

End your meal with delightfully refreshing Sour Plum Shandy ($12), a playful alcoholic concoction of sour plum, wheat beer and fresh lemonade. The restaurant also serve local Archipelago beers on tap, as well as a range of Pin Tea, from a bespoke local tea merchant with special blends like “Marina Magic”, “Tekka Minute” and “Sentosa Sunrise”.

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redpan @ Marina Square’s

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Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-03/04, Singapore 039594

Phone: +65 6255 5850


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Opening Hours: Daily 11am - 10pm