Seng Steam Fish Restaurant – Perfectly Fried Fish & Awesome Zichar Dishes in JB

Maisie Liu
Maisie Liu
November 20, 2019

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Signboard

Stepping into Seng Steam Fish Restaurant, we were expecting a menu to be provided since it’s a zichar eatery. Mdm Chin, the lady boss, then informed us that the menu is on the board. All we saw were huge pictures of the dishes without any prices labelled. On top of their famous fried fish, Ah Seng (the boss) recommended three other signature dishes.

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant 1

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Fried Fish 1

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Fried Fish 2

When asked what type of fish was used, Mdm Chin said “Any fish of the day, as long as there’s no fish head with it!” The fish is first deboned, cut skilfully, coated with flour, and then fried. The fish was so aesthetically pleasing that nobody wanted to dig into it!

Accompanied with Thai-style sweet and spicy chilli sauce, the crispy savoury fried fish was moist and tender. The fresh fish was clean tasting and we loved that the sauce accentuated its natural sweetness.

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Braised Pork Belly 2

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Braised Pork Belly 1

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Braised Pork Belly 3

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant’s braised pork belly with preserved vegetables was cooked just right. It was not extremely salty and complemented the braised pork belly to the T.

The ratio of lean meat to fat in the pork belly was quite proportionate. The braised sauce was well-absorbed by the tau kwa (bean curd) and pork belly. My colleague couldn’t stop reaching for more (we had prata before this by the way)!

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg

Salted egg bitter gourd! This unassuming dish was so good. Although this was stir-fried, the bitter gourd was crunchy and a little juicy. I believe the salted egg masked some of the bitterness because the dish was not bitter but very fragrant. Just give me this and a bowl of white rice, and I’ll be more than happy!

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Clams with Wine

They say that the camera eats first. However, when this lala dish arrived, I immediately dipped my spoon in to try the sauce. The first sip revealed a strong taste of wine. A kick of sweetness from the fresh lala followed after, before a slight punch of garlic hit my senses. My dad taught me that the best way to enjoy shellfish is with my hands. Picking up the lala with my hands and sucking the flesh and juice out from the shell directly was so satisfying.

Seng Steam Fish Restaurant Signboard

All in all, we spent about 100 RM for the four dishes. Seng Steam Fish Restaurant is a great family lunch venue since they operate till 3pm only. The next time round, I will try the steam fish!


Address: 100, Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Phone: +60 12-708 2680

Opening Hours: 8am to 3pm daily. Closed on Mondays. made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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