Tan Xiang Yuan – New innovative Cantonese-Chinese Dishes in the Heart of Little India

April 17, 2024

Step into Tan Xiang Yuan, a cozy spot curated by renowned celebrity Ben Yeo and his friends, which is housed in a vintage building in Little India, and you’ll find old-school flavors presented in a fresh way. The place is filled with colorful Singaporean slang signs, setting the scene for a nostalgic meal.


The colourful glow of striking neon words such as “wa lao eh”, “alamak” and “siao ah” creates an Instagram-worthy setting where diners can capture unforgettable moments as they indulge in Chef Cao Yong’s innovative Cantonese-Chinese dishes.


Tan Xiang Yuan proudly unveils a fresh menu featuring never-before-served dishes. Among these is the Signature Luo Han Delight Tripe (招牌罗汉肚, $16). This dish boasts a whole pig stomach, meticulously stuffed with braised pork meat. Drawing inspiration from the traditional pork trotter jelly, the tripe is slightly chewy after hours of slow cooking. Upon serving, it’s crowned with a house-made garlic chilli sauce, which makes it even more appetizing.



Prawn-lovers will revel in the Stuffed Prawn Ball with Foie Gras Sauce (灌汤鹅肝酱虾丸, $12/pc) which promises golden crispy balls that explode with flavour. Minced prawn, which is mixed with a soup stock made from pig skin, pork knuckle and foie gras, is pressed into a ball, coated with bread crumbs and fried till it possesses a satisfying crunch.


A highlight of my dinner is the Steamed Garlic Lobster with Taro (蒜蒸龙虾芋头糕, seasonal price). The sweetness of the whole Australian lobsters is intensified through the steaming process. I love that the lobster is nestled atop special local yam cakes, meticulously handmade by the chef.


The Signature Seafood Hotpot is a bubbling pot filled to the brim with a medley of prawns, fish maw, abalone, and more. As the steam rises and the aroma of the fragrant broth fills the air, you know you’re in for a treat.

First, let’s talk about the star of the show – the seafood. Each ingredient is hand-selected for its freshness and quality, ensuring that every bite is a burst of oceanic splendor. The prawns were plump and succulent, the fish maw was tender and gelatinous, and the abalone was delicate yet flavorful. But what truly sets this hotpot apart from others we’ve tried is the broth — it was clear yet aromatic, and filled with umami.


Experience crab cooked in a unique blend of herbs and spices with the 当归黑胡椒螃蟹 Angelica Black Pepper Crab ($12.80/100gm), where whole crabs borrow from the herbaceous notes of dang gui to elevate the deep bold heat of black pepper. The succulent sweetness of the crab meat and the fiery kick of black pepper are perfectly complemented by the earthy undertones of dang gui, making the Angelica Black Pepper Crab a must-try.



And then there’s the pièce de résistance – the Peking Duck. Imagine succulent slices of roasted duck, and paper-thin crispy skin, served alongside an array of condiments and freshly steamed pancakes.

To sweeten the deal, Tan Xiang Yuan is offering an irresistible lunch promotion – $1 Peking Duck with every order of the Signature Seafood Hotpot. It’s a steal you won’t want to miss! The promotion is limited to one duck order per table.

Tan Xiang Yuan

Address: 1 Dickson Road, Singapore 209493

Phone: +65 8058 5527