Tanjong Beach Club – Delightful Food with the Glorious Sun, Sand and Sea

Team Tam Chiak
Team Tam Chiak
October 06, 2016


Situated on Singapore’s finest stretch of sand and graced with panoramic views of the sea, Tanjong Beach Club is a premier coastal retreat from the bustle of the city. There are both indoor dining and al fresco dining, with a pool where you can take a dip or just splash around in the open sea. Relaxing on the canopies while basking in the sun with your favourite book will chase all your troubles away in this stress-free environment.


Since its opening in 2010, it’s the first time Tanjong Beach Club has revamped its food and beverage menu to welcome a refreshed array of offerings that celebrates flavours of the sea and the spirit of summer. The menu is curated with an aggregation of classic international seafood dishes with a unique spin, as well as, a bevy of cocktails that are in line with the idyllic beach life. Under the culinary direction of consultant chef Jason Jones, the new dishes take inspiration from his fondest memories of beachfront vacations all around the world. Prepared with fresh ingredients thoughtfully sourced from the US, Japan, Italy and Australia, the new menu offers premium and modern coastal cuisine with a playful twist.


For starters, standouts include the light and tangy Snapper Ceviche ($23), made with fresh snapper tossed with lime and creamy avocado with a side of crispy tortilla chips, as well as the Barbecued Octopus Salad ($24), which features succulent slices of perfectly grilled tentacles atop a bed of baby spinach, quinoa and pomegranate. We also tried Burrata ($21) which contains jalapeno, basil salsa verde and crostini. You can order a few and share it with friends just to taste as many delectable dishes as possible.


Mains include Tanjong Beach Club’s no-frills take on the Lobster Bun ($38), with toasted burger buns sandwiching generous portions of juicy lobster dressed with lime mayonnaise and avocado. The Market Fresh Fish of the Day ($35) serves up a rotation of selected fish accompanied with a side of tomato and pine nut salsa, tossed in basil emulsion. We also tried the Orecchiette Chorizo ($33), consisting of Spanish pork sausages, scallops, cherry tomatoes and Parmigiano-Reggiano. One mouthful gives a burst of flavours!


No meal is complete without a sweet ending and Tanjong Beach Club has the perfect desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth in you. The decadent Banana Coconut Tarte Tartin ($16) boasts a combination of freshly baked tart, crunchy almond crumble, caramelized bananas and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Brunch is available on weekends and public holidays from 10am to 3pm. You get premium renditions of comfort and hearty staples such as the Eggs & Ham ($33), with fluffy black truffle scrambled eggs, Spanish jamón ibérico and crisp sourdough toast. For the conscious palate, you have the option of Tanjong Beach Club’s fruity Acai Bowl ($21), containing a blended base of organic acai berries, bananas and apricot, topped with fresh blueberries and mango and icy inca berry confit, toasted coconut and crunchy hazelnut granola. You get a mouthful of textural crunch, with a really good refreshing aftertaste.


Lastly, nothing says beach life like a cocktail by the sea! Choose to sail into paradise with the Tanjong Spritz ($19) that we had, the Hollywood Punch ($23), The Piña Colado ($23), Resting Peach Face ($21) and Serial Quila ($21), just to name a few.

Tanjong Beach Club is the perfect place to laze your weekend away while catching up with friends and family. We really enjoyed soaking in the resort-life ambience and indulging in their delectable dishes, accompanied by refreshing cocktails.

Tanjong Beach Club

Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942

Mobile: 9750 5323

Website: http://www.tanjongbeachclub.com/

Email Address: book@tanjongbeachclub.com

Opening Hours: Closed on Mondays. Tue-Fri 11am to 10pm. Sat&Sun 10am to 11pm.

Note: This is an invited tasting.