$12 Nett Porridge Buffet at The ART – Available last Friday of the Month

April 27, 2017

As students, we always get wrapped up in our own grades as the society has this underlying mindset that academic achievement will make you successful in future. While I value education, grades aren’t everything. Beyond the textbooks, it’s about the skills they learnt to shape them into useful individual.

Assumption Pathway School is dedicated to helping post-PSLE students who have trouble adjusting to mainstream education. The school offers vocational training to prepare students for further education or the workforce.


At The Assumption Restaurant for Training (The ART), students put their F&B knowledge and skills into practice. They learn new menus and cooking techniques, and interact with real customers in a 80-seater restaurant. They offer 3-course Set Lunch from 12 – 3pm and High Tea Set from 3 – 5 pm.

To further enhance the versatility of students, The ART has extended its operations on Fridays (during school term) to include dinner from 6 – 9.30pm. Porridge buffet will be served on the last Friday of every month while set dinner will be served on other Fridays.


Teochew porridge is always comfort food for me, especially when you get to enjoy a bowl of porridge with free flow of side dishes!

This wallet-friendly porridge buffet offers a pretty good spread of porridge condiments and they are presented on the buffet table. Pick a little bit of everything from steamed sotong, curry chicken to chye poh omelette, sambal long beans and salted vegetables.


You can also find all things braised on the buffet table – braised duck, tau ki and tau pok. To add some kick, there’s the chilli and vinegar dip. The dishes have a down-to-earth homemade flavour – just the way grandma used to make. Of course, all goes well with the silky-smooth sweet potato porridge.

The ART’s porridge buffet is only $12 NETT per adult! Good job to all students and teachers who prepared the meal. If you would like to show your support, call them to make a reservation now!


Address: 30 Cashew Road, Singapore 679697

Phone: +65 6892 6187

Website: http://www.aps.edu.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APStheART/