The Prata Place @ Springleaf – Sinful Yet Irresistible Ultimate Murtabak

June 27, 2014

The Prata Place

Springleaf has a tranquil vibe, and sitting here with prata and a cup of teh tarik from The Prata Place isn’t a bad way to spend a Friday morning.

Guna, owner of The Prata Place

Meet Guna, owner of the 11-year-old The Prata Place. This man knows his prata very well. He said, a prata should be crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, if done correctly.

There are many factors that affect the quality of prata. From the dough, to the flipping, introduction of oil and even the temperature of the frying pan. Here, the staff adds the oil to the hot pan right after they place the prata. If oil is added too excessively, it may cause the prata to be oily.

The Prata Place: Ultimate Murtabak

The Ultimate Murtabak first made its appearance at The Ultimate Hawker Fest 2012 – – a fund-raising event featuring some of Singapore’s favourite Hawker cuisine all in one venue. And since the launch, it has been widely received by many.

Wrapped with tandoori chicken, Portobello mushrooms and mozzarella cheese, this is one of the best murtabak I have had. Each murtabak is as large as an A4 size paper and you can taste the smoky flavour from the tandoori chicken together with generous sprinkling of mozarella cheese!

The Prata Place: Plain (Kosong) Prata

The Plain (Kosong) Prata is absolutely delicious! It arrived piping hot and is crispy on the outside, whilefluffy on the inside. Plus, it is not oily at all, they certainly managed the heat well. Dipping it into the curry will make the prata taste even more heavenly.

Does dough plays an important part? Of course! The usual ingredients for prata dough includes flour, water, sugar, salt and vegetable fat. The Prata Place also adds 2 secret ingredients to make the prata more flavourful (which I kinda guessed it). No eggs are added so as to cater to the vegetarian crowd.

The Prata Place: chicken floss prata

The eatery also offers a variety of unique prata flavours such as the chicken floss prata. The prata is usually served with a plate of chicken curry but you can request for a lentil-based curry or a tangy fish curry. Don’t worry about sweating in the hot sun because The Prata Place is air conditioned!

The Prata Place: Red Bean Prata

Have you tried red bean cakes at dim sum restaurant? The Red Bean Prata is reminicent to that except that the dough here is super thin and crispy. It brings a sweet ending to the meal.

The Prata Place: prata chef fliping prata

Look at how the prata chef flips with joy.

The Prata Place

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The Prata Place

Address: 1 Thong Soon Ave
Tel: 6459 5670
Opening hours: 7am – 12 Midnight
*You can enquire about their catering service too.

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