The Seagrill – Enjoy Fresh Grilled Seafood and a Beautiful Seaside View!

Howard Wong
Howard Wong
June 05, 2018

Changi Beach Park is a fantastic spot to visit over the weekend. You can fish, jog, and catch the sunset. After a long day at the beach, and under the hot sun, you definitely should pop by The Seagrill to quench your thirst and fill your stomach!

The Seagrill Restaurant Collage

The Seagrill, which serves a plethora of fresh seafood and grilled meats, brings in live bands every Friday night and Sunday morning to serenade diners! Great food, lovely view, awesome music, how much better can it get?

The Seagrill Clam Chowder

The Clam Chowder ($9) is packed with fresh clams, and comes with a slice of toasted garlic bread. The chowder is rich, creamy and is infused with the briny flavour of the clams. The garlic bread is deeply aromatic and toasted to perfection – it is delicious when dipped into the chowder! This warm and satisfying bowl of chowder is the ultimate comfort food!

The Seagrill Seafood Butternut Soup

If you’re looking for something that’s more tangy, or even more flavourful, try the Seafood Butternut Soup ($11). The soup is generously topped with a wide variety of seafood such as clams, mussels, prawn, squid, and scallops. The soup is armed with a hint of sweetness and its refreshing flavours complement the salty seafood brilliantly.

The Seagrill Seafood Capellini

The Seagrill’s Seafood Capellini ($19) features a garlic and chilli-infused pasta that comes complete with Japanese sea scallops, a king prawn, black mussels and flower clams. The springy al dente pasta, which has a gentle spicy kick, will definitely tickle the fancy of garlic lovers. The robust flavour of garlic is deeply locked into the seafood too.

The Seagrill Fish - Seafood Platter

The Seagrill Seafood Platter Collage

If you’re looking for a feast by the beach, The Seagrill’s got you covered with their sizeable sharing platters. The Grilled Seafood Platter ($38) is presented on a rustic wooden board. The ensemble of seafood includes pan-seared snapper, succulent king prawns, scallops and a bowl of fresh clams and mussels. A house-made lemon cream sauce with a drizzle of basil oil is the perfect accompaniment to the enthralling spread. Coat the seafood thoroughly in the buttery sauce to add an appetite-whetting tartness and herbaceous basil flavour. The tender and moist snapper rocks a beautiful golden brown exterior, and has a light crisp that we fancied very much. This platter is a great way to taste all the seafood that The Seagrill has to offer!

The Seagrill Meat Platter

The Seagrill isn’t just known for their seafood. Meat-lovers will enjoy their Seagrill Meat Platter ($40) which comprises roasted lamb cutlets, grilled chicken, ribeye steak, cheese chicken sausages, and a black pepper sauce. Both the lamb cutlet and ribeye steak were fatty, but not too greasy. Every bite of the juicy meat had us grinning from ear to ear. The chicken was grilled with its skin on, which made it slightly crispy. The bite-sized slices of cheese chicken sausages will please both the young and old.

The Seagrill Set Lunch Overall Image

For the ultimate value-for-money experience, go for the 4-course set lunch ($20.90++) which consists of a refreshing bowl of salad, a piping hot bowl of soup, your choice of main course and a dessert. The price even includes your choice of soft drink, juice, coffee or tea.

The Seagrill Mango Chicken Salad

As someone who is usually not a fan of salads, and greens in general, I was pleasantly surprised by their Mango Chicken Salad! The slightly spicy pieces of fried chicken went very well with the sweet and refreshing chunks of mango. The leafy greens added a nice crunchy texture, while the juicy cherry tomatoes lifted the flavours of the dish with their acidic tang.

The Seagrill Mushroom Soup

There have been many occasions where I’ve had mushroom soup that tasted heavily of cream, without there being even a hint of mushrooms. I can assure you that The Seagrill’s Mushroom Soup will not disappoint. The velvety soup contains loads of finely-chopped mushrooms! You can certainly taste the earthy flavour of the mushrooms in every delectable spoonful.

The Seagrill Steak and Eggs

For mains, you can choose from the Wild Barramundi, Steak & Eggs, Seafood Capellini, and Big Boyz Beef Burger. I opted for the Steak & Eggs, a dish made up of a rosemary-infused steak and two sunny-side up eggs. The eggs are well-cooked, having no crispy burnt edges, and the glorious yolks were still runny! When cut, the yolks burst open and flowed onto the steak, making the steak just that much more delicious.

The Seagrill Wild Berries Crumble with Ice Cream

Round off your lunch with the Wild Berries Crumble with Ice-Cream. The classic pairing of warm crumble and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream will certainly tantalize your tastebuds.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for a dinner date, or a venue for a gathering with friends and family, The Seagrill is the ideal seaside location for you!

The Seagrill

Address: 260 Nicoll Drive, Singapore 498991

Mobile: 90627718


Email Address:

Area: Changi

Opening Hours: Monday - Thursday: 11am to 11pm, Saturday: 9am till late, Sunday: 9am to 11pm.

Cuisine: Western


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