Ultimate Hawker Fest 2012

October 27, 2012

Last Saturday, we attended the inaugural The Ultimate Hawker Festival held at Millenia Walk’s carpark. Handpicked and curated by Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost.sg, it is a fund-raising event featuring some of Singapore’s favourite Hawker cuisine all in one venue! What’s more, part of the proceeds will go to the various beneficiaries under Touch Community Services.

An hour into the festival, while I was queuing for Hokkien Mee, it started pouring very heavily. The floors were flooded and stalls were having blackouts. But Singaporeans and hawkers did not give up. People continue to queue for good food, while hawkers continue to serve. I really admire this spirit.
There were more than 20 stalls at the Ultimate Hawker Fest. We only bought $50 coupon, it was a pity we didn’t manage to try all the stalls.


We spent about 30 minutes queuing for City Satay. For the event, they came up with Pork Belly & Wagyu Beef Satay. Skewers of tender pork & Wagyu beef grilled to perfection. I like the pork belly meat because it was very succulent.


Then, there was also the famous Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cakes who still pounds their own rice and peanuts to make Kueh Tutu. Their kueh tutu is traditionally made with pounded Thai Jasmine rice, freshly steamed and it is very moist. This time, they came up with interesting flavours such as coconut, cheese, chocolate, sweet corn etc.


Another of my favourite is Chef William Soh’s heritage carrot cake with scallops! Chef William Soh of Saltwater Café at Changi Village Hotel, comes from a family of chefs famous for their hawker-style carrot cake. His carrot cake is crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. Pork lard was used to fry the carrot cake.


But my ULTIMATE favourite dish at the festival is this plate of chicken rice by Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Most chicken rice stalls are just using white broiler chickens but the chickens used during the festival is Anxin (安心) chicken, specially fed with with 100% corn and no antibiotic growth promoters or hormones are used. These chickens are donated by Toh Thye San farms for the event. Served with fluffy rice infused with a hint of garlic, the chicken skin has a yellow shine with tender meat.


Last but not least, Muah Chee by Hougang 6 Miles Famous Muah Chee which the boyfriend loves. The owner pinched the dough to form every small muah chee, before tossing it with fresh peanut powder.

Very yummy food, and I won’t mind paying for better quality hawker food! Now, when will I get to eat them again?