Uptown Nasi Lemak – Authentic Nasi Lemak from Damansara Uptown!

Megan Yap
Megan Yap
December 06, 2019

Uptown Nasi Lemak is opened by two foodies, Simon (pictured on the left) and Mervyn (pictured on the right), who grew up in Damansara Uptown, where it is Nasi Lemak galore. Since they were unable to find the same taste of Malaysian nasi lemak here in Singapore, they decided to bring it over for us to try.

uptown nasi lemak stall front

While they are not trained cooks, the duo spent a good six to nine months trying to recreate the taste that they love and serve it on a plate. The result? Uptown Nasi Lemak.

rubbing chicken

One of their specialties is Nasi Lemak w/ Ayam Goreng Berempah ($6.50) (spiced fried chicken), which is marinated for several hours in various spices. The lemongrass and ginger, when fried with the chicken, creates a nice crispy outer crust.

friend chicken drumsticks on display
plate of chicken nasi lemak

What you get is a juicy chicken that is wrapped in a flavourful crispy spiced skin. This has a unique flavour that I have personally never tried before. The rice too was savoury and fragrant- a key element in all nasi lemak.

nasi lemak collageuptown nasi lemak achar

Sambal is another important component of nasi lemak and they make it spicy here. For now, the duo is still adjusting the level of spice by upping it a notch every week, and getting their customers’ feedback. To me, it was definitely spicy enough. A big spoonful of sambal is given for every plate of rice, ensuring that you have more than enough to complete your meal. Do not forget to eat the ikan bilis with the sambal!

While achar is not a commonly found ingredient in nasi lemak, the owners themselves love Peranakan achar so they added it to their nasi lemak anyway. Personally, I do not mind it as I grew up eating Peranakan achar myself.

uptown nasi lemak cooking beef rendang
uptown nasi lemak beef plateuptown nasi lemak beef spoon

Another one of their specialties is Nasi Lemak w/ Rendang Beef ($7.50). The rendang beef is cooked overnight till tender but it also tasted gamier than expected. When paired with the thick curry, the overall combination got a little too overwhelming for me. Someone who enjoys rich flavours will certainly appreciate this dish.

uptown nasi lemak sambal sotong

They also have side dishes available such as Sambal Sotong ($2.50). The sotong was cooked perfectly and was not rubbery at all. The sambal also packed a nice punch and coated the sotong well.  This was the perfect accompaniment to our nasi lemak.

uptown nasi lemak holding up chicken sign

Uptown Nasi Lemak is certainly something different from our Singaporean nasi lemak. If you love nasi lemak, this is definitely worth a try!

Uptown Nasi Lemak

Address: 121 Telok Ayer Street, #01-01, Stall #7, Singapore 068590

Mobile: 9845 3537

Website: https://www.uptownnasilemak.com

Email Address: nasilemak@wokman.sg

Opening Hours: 11am to 2.30pm daily. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uptownnasilemak/

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