Vege Pot – Delicious Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh & Handmade Unagi!

Megan Yap
Megan Yap
October 18, 2019

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Fortune centre is a paradise for vegetarians. The whole mall is filled with restaurants selling vegetarian food. Vege Pot is one of them. Vege Pot offers a slew of dishes ranging from Korean bibimbap and Japanese udon, to Thai green curry. The menu is extensive and you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice here.


Before Siew Ling, the owner, opened Vege Pot with her chef, they were running a massage parlour. However, after opening the business and deliberating for awhile, they decided to change it to a restaurant because “people don’t need massages everyday. They need food.”

Siew Ling first became a vegetarian after she had some health issues. She went to Penang to change her lifestyle, and found her chef who later helped her recover from her ailments. They returned to Singapore after to start a business together. The restaurant started as a way to prove to people that vegetarian food can be delicious too. And boy, are they right.

red yeast mee sua
red yeast collage

Red Yeast Mee Sua ($6), which is a common postpartum confinement food, is usually cooked with chicken. However, even without the meat, Vege Pot’s version was delicious. The broth was a lot sweeter than it was sour, and carried a hint of wine. The mee sua was soft, but not mushy. I really liked this.

dry ramen 2
dry ramen lift

Next up is the Handmade Dumpling With Dry Ramen ($6). The soft and springy noodles are drenched in a savoury dark sauce. The dumplings are filled with different ingredients such as black fungus, carrots, and cilantro. The noodles came with a bland bowl of soup which contained spinach and tofu. There’s nothing to shout about, in my opinion.

bak kut teh
bak kut teh ingredients 3

The Penang Bah Gu Teh ($6) could have had me fooled for actual bak kut teh with meat. Unfortunately, the flavour was quite mild. Just a little stronger and they would have nailed it! As no meat was used, the broth was not oily at all, and was actually quite clear. The texture of the fake meat was almost like that of real meat, albeit a little harder. I could tell that it was made with mushrooms. I’m just not sure how they did it, but what a splendid imitation! And I don’t say that about faux meat often.

mock unagi
mock unagi close up

Other than main dishes, they have side dishes as well. We tried the Handmade Unagi ($6). The seaweed wrap, which was topped with a smattering of sesame seeds, was so crispy. The glaze on the seaweed, which tasted like teriyaki sauce, added a nice umami to the dish. The filling tasted like fish paste, to be very honest. I could gobble up the whole plate in less than five minutes if you let me.

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Vege pot has such a huge menu and I really want to try everything they have to offer. All of the dishes sound really delicious and I would like to see how this restaurant manages to pull off vegetarian renditions of popular dishes. You can bet that I’ll be back!

Vege Pot

Address: 190 Middle road, Fortune Centre #02-31,
Singapore 188979

Phone: 6123 4567


Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm daily. Closed on Wednesdays.

Facebook: made anonymous visit and paid its own meal at the stall featured here.

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