From Joo Chiat Complex to a New Location: Indulge in a Wide Variety of Dishes at Warung Selera

June 27, 2023

Originally starting as a modest Nasi Campur stall in Joo Chiat Complex, Warung Selera recently found a new home just a stone’s throw away from its original location. The cozy coffeeshop setting creates a welcoming ambiance, perfect for relishing a satisfying meal in the company of friends and family.





With a rich history dating back to 1992, this culinary haven has been delighting taste buds with its authentic Malay fare that embodies the essence of traditional flavours. From aromatic curries and flavorful rendang to fragrant laksa and lontong, their extensive menu offers a diverse range of options to cater to every palate.




One standout dish is their Beef Rendang. Tender chunks of beef are simmered for hours in a rich blend of spices and coconut milk, which boasts a perfect balance of spiciness, sweetness, and a hint of tanginess. The tender meat practically falls apart with each forkful, and is best accompanied by fragrant steamed rice.

Prepared with love and a blend of aromatic spices, their Curry Ayam is another culinary masterpiece that captures the essence of traditional Malay cooking. Tender pieces of chicken are marinated and slow-cooked in a rich and creamy curry sauce that is infused with a medley of spices, such as turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, and chilli. The result is a curry that tantalizes the taste buds with its perfect balance of heat, creaminess, and aromatic undertones. We love their Ayam Masak Merah too!



Their Assam Pedas, with its tantalizingly sour and surprisingly fiery flavors, exceeded my expectations. The gravy was perfectly balanced, hitting all the right spots and leaving a delightful lingering taste. Kak Ani’s expertise truly shines through in this dish, showcasing her mastery of creating bold flavours. In addition to their delightful Assam Pedas, Warung Selera also offers a delectable Fried Fish with Sambal Hijau. This dish is a burst of flavours, with the zingy combination of limes, lemons, and vibrant green chilies giving it its distinctive and spicy taste.



You must try the Laksa Siglap which takes its name from the picturesque Kampung Siglap, where fishermen ply their trade and coconut plantations flourish. Unlike its Nonya laksa counterpart, this version omits tofu, fishcake, and large prawns, focusing on a simpler yet satisfying combination. The laksa is accompanied by refreshing cucumber, crunchy bean sprouts, fragrant laksa leaves, and a dollop of sambal, providing a perfect balance of flavours.

The heart of Laksa Siglap lies in its unique broth. A light fish stock, prepared with ikan parang (wolf herring) forms the soup base. Unlike the creamy and prawn-infused Nonya laksa, Laksa Siglap boasts a slightly nutty profile enhanced by the tanginess of tamarind. The addition of pounded coconut bits gives the broth a thicker consistency, adding depth to each spoonful.

Another intriguing aspect of Laksa Siglap is its choice of noodles. Instead of the traditional thick bee hoon, this version features a unique variety known as “laksa cap.” Unfortunately, “laksa cap” noodles have become rare in modern times. Made from tapioca starch and rice flour, these noodles possess the thickness of udon while offering a soft and sticky texture reminiscent of bee tai mak. The noodles contribute to the overall allure and distinctive experience of enjoying Laksa Siglap. They serve Laksa Penang as well.


Under the meticulous guidance of Kak Ani, Yan expertly prepares each dish at Warung Selera, faithfully following recipes honed over her three decades of running the restaurant. With a dedicated and loyal following, customers have eagerly flocked to her new establishment, eager to support and savor the flavors they have come to adore.

Whether you’re craving the tender and lemak Curry Ayam, the briny goodness of sotong Hitam, or the comforting flavors of beef rendang, Warung Selera has something to please every taste bud.

Be prepared for the early bird queues that start forming as early as 11 am, a true testament to the restaurant’s popularity and the anticipation of the mouthwatering flavors that await. Rest assured, the wait is well worth it!

Warung Selera Masakan Kampung

Address: 60 Changi Road, Singapore 419712⁣

Opening Hours: Opens daily 8am - 6pm⁣

Cuisine: Malay