• Not the most convenient location but Eastern House of Seafood @ Chai Chee does pretty good and affordable assam... http://t.co/mqDvaX3Lmp

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  • Brand New French Classic Menu at Antoinette http://t.co/ny4M7eLjvj

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  • What’s #MidAutumn without Mooncakes from #meixinsg. A must try if you haven’t!! http://t.co/dJPZyJbrk0

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Brand New French Classic Menu at Antoinette

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Dining at Antoinette Restaurant, Pâtisserie & Salon de Thé has always been about the total experience – one that is fulflling and utterly delicious in the timeless French fashion. And now, Chef Pang, the maestro behind the brand, has unveiled a new ‘all-day’ menu to tantalize the taste buds. It is an expanded menu supremely generous in its offerings of savories and sweets, any time throughout the day, singly or …

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Recipe – Passion Fruit Pound Cake using Chobani Greek Yoghurt

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HAPPY MONDAY PEOPLE! I have seen many use plain, non-fat Greek yogurt in so many of their baking recipes, so I decided to try it myself! Greek yogurt provides protein, moisture and a nice tangy flavor. The passion fruit pound cake is made with Chobani Yogurt and it is so moist even after few days. Thank you Julie for the recipe! My pound cake was slightly underbaked because I was …

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Wheeler’s Yard

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I made a trip down to Wheeler’s Yard, FINALLY. My instagram feed has been flooded by #OOTD pictures at the entrance of this cafe. So I decided to check it out on a weekday lunch. Verdict? Impressed with the place, but not the food. Wheeler’s Yard occupies an entire warehouse, it’s huge and the place is decorated with hipster bikes. For many cafes in Singapore, I feel like I am …

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Mooncake Guide 2014 (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

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The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is here again! This year, different hotels and restaurants have introduced a great variety of mooncake flavours that are set to impress consumers. Showcasing both traditional baked and snowskin mooncakes, here’s a showcase of 15 different mooncakes for you. (Disclaimer: these mooncakes are NOT arranged according to preference.) Behold as Peony Jade’s cute-as-a-button must-haves make their irresistible debut this year. The new Baked Prosperous Piglets with …

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10 Must Try Food Places in Bangkok (Part 2)

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Two years ago, I went to Bangkok and wrote a blogpost on “10 Must Try Food Places in Bangkok“. YC, my Singaporean friend who has moved to Thailand more than 20 years ago, offered to bring me around and introduced some really good Thai food that are hot favourites among locals. Thank you for all your interest, that blog post has garnered more than 1 million views so far and …

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