About Miss Tam Chiak

If you’re familiar with Hokkien dialect, you might recognize that the term “Tam Chiak” is a local expression that translates to “greedy” or “glutton.” Though my given name is obviously not Tam Chiak (it’s Maureen – pleased to meet you!), as a Chinese blogger in Singapore with a great love for food, I felt that the name was a perfect fit for my blog.

Born into a family of enthusiastic foodies, I’ve always loved all things culinary, especially the local cuisine here in Singapore. With four years of experience as a food journalist and a life-long fascination with the rapidly evolving food scene in Singapore, in 2007 I decided to start this blog to explore and celebrate all types of local Singapore dishes and to share my love of travel and food with the world.

By writing this blog in English, I hope to reach a wider audience and give people all over the world a true sense of the delicious cuisine and incredible local culture in Singapore. From street vendors and hawkers to cafes and fine restaurants, Singapore is home to some of the most palate-pleasing dishes in the world, and there’s always a new foodie adventure waiting just around the corner. I’m always on the lookout for those adventures so that I can share them with my audience.

My biggest goal for Miss Tam Chiak is to inspire my audience to try new cuisine, test out recipes, visit new places, and much more through my writing and photography. To truly do each dish justice in my pictures, I use a Canon 7D DSLR camera with a few different lenses, depending on the lighting, angle, and atmosphere for the shot.

Thus far, Miss Tam Chiak has been featured in a number of publications, including:

• i-Weekly (2010, issue no. 667)
• Cuisine & Wine (Jan 2011)
• My Paper (weekly food column, Jan 2011-Dec 2011)
• Elle Magazine (Nov 2012)
• Scoot Inflight Magazine (Dec 2012)

I’ve also appeared multiple times on Radio FM 100.3 to talk about Singaporean cuisine and food blogging. I hope to continue to inspire others with my writing and photography and to gain many more opportunities to share my love for food, travel, and Singapore with the whole world.