Ah Orh Seafood Restaurant is a family run restaurant which has a long history with a humble beginning. They started out their business at Ellenborough Market at High Street and now at Block 115 Jalan Bukit Merah since the 1990s.

The restaurant don’t have a menu. So you just have to look around for the food pictures and order.


Start with the Pig Trotter Jelly which is firmer than some elsewhere. A perfect starter with the perk-you-up garlicky and tart chilli sauce.


Ah Orh’s Fish Maw Soup is pretty unique because sesame is added for a grainy texture. Yes the soup is thick and packed with silvers of soft fish maw. But unfortunately, I don’t really like the sesame broth.


The oyster omelette is more eggy than starchy, well flavoured with a generous serving of plump fresh oysters and perked up with piquant chilli sauce.

I regret not taking a shot of the Stir Fried Kailan because I thought it was ordinary. But after taking a closer look, I then realised that this crunchy vegetables was perfumed by the fragrant Ti Poh (dried sole fish).


Steamed Promfret is done using sour plums , salted vegetables and tomatoes wedges. It is soft, succulent, smooth flakes of aromatic. But there is no indication of exactly how much the fish will cost and always quoted as “market price”. We were shocked that this plate of steamed pomfret costs more than $70!

Heard the yam paste and cold crabs are good too. Perhaps I would come back and try next time.

Arh Orh Seafood Restaurant (亚乌海鲜楼)
Address: Blk 115 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1627
Tel: 62757575
Opening Hours: 11am – 2pm, 530pm – 9pm daily