Perched in the depths of Fort Canning’s greenery, Lewin Terrace is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant that was opened in late March. The colonial bungalow used to house Flutes at the Fort, which has moved to the National Museum.


Executive chef Ryoichi Kanohad helmed restaurants in Kyoto and Kobe. His fusion dishes play an emphasis on French cooking techniques paired with produce from Kyoto. For lunch, there is a choice between a $38 and $70 menu. Dinner choices are much more expensive, at $120 and $180 a person. We took the $70 menu and our 5-course lunch begins with salmon confit paired with raspberry puree and 63°C sous vide egg. The tangy raspberry opens up the palette instantly.

Following this, is two pieces of foie gras terrine beautifully plated opposite each other on a huge round plate. It is served with a passionfruit, mango and lime puree and potato chips that are sliced so thin. The fruity puree gave a good contrast to the rich and creamy foie gras.

Fragrant and intense, the lamb dish has a lovely scent of toasted cumin. A celeryroot puree lends the meal a light touch, while the red and yellow pimento add a beautiful color and flavor that please every person at the table.


Sea Bream Fricassee is a comforting classic fish stew with fresh slices of sea bream in a bowl of clam jus. Unfortunately, the jus was too salty for my liking.


We were given a choice to pick one dessert out of the three: white sesame blanc mange, deconstructed spumoni or flourless chocolate cake. I like the white sesame blanc mange with coffee and coconut ice cream. However, I don’t know how to appreciate the deconstructed spumoni as the chardonnay jelly was too strong and fromage blanc ice cream was too heavy for me. Flourless cake seems to be the safest choice featuring dense cake with brown sugar ice cream and sesame oil.


Overall, my lunch is decent but nothing memorable. Chef has done a good job to add a fruity touch to the appetizers but I feel there is still a need to improve on some of the dishes. But of course, my company for lunch matters the most. It is hard to find real and true friendship these days and I really treasure my relationship with Derrick and Celes.

Lewin Terrace
Address: 21 Lewin Terrace Singapore
Tel: 6333 9905
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12pm – 3pm; 6.30pm – 11pm

P/S It is pretty difficult to get here. The best way is to climb through the stairs beside Singapore Philatelic Museum (along Coleman Street).