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The popular burger joint in Bukit Tmah – Burger Shack underwent a major revamp in its menu and interior. With the new restaurant name called “Little Hiro”, the eatery now offers affordable Japanese-Hawaiian BBQ and grill on top of their popular burgers and pastas.

There is an interesting story behind Little Hiro. Last year, its owner Ian Kwok attended a friend’s wedding in Hawaii and on the last night, the groom’s father Hiro prepared a lovely Hawaiian style barbecue. He fell in love with the food and decided to stay behind for a couple of days to learn the tricks and trade of Hawaiian cuisine from Hiro. When he came back, he did a makeover for Burger Shack and re-create a beachside barbecue look at the restaurant. He named it “Little Hiro” to pay homage to Hiro, who passed down some of his secret recipes to Ian. What’s more interesting is, Ian’s Dad owns Island Creamery Ice-Cream! So you can have your burgers and grill at Little Hiro, then hop over to Island Creamery for some dessert!

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Food at Little Hiro is very affordable. The ingredients are imported from all over the world, yet the owners are keeping the prices low so that diners can enjoy a good meal with families and friends.

Tokyo Style Karubi Beef Short-Ribs ($9.90) are flame grilled short ribs topped with a Japanese Karubi sauce. Lovely grill sauce, I must say. But the meat is too chewy for our liking. Smokin’ BBQ Beef Brisket ($10.90) fares better with tender and juicy meat at reasonable price.

New in the menu is Shio Ramen Burger with Chicken Karaage ($8.90) with crispy fried chicken clamped in with ramen “buns”. The specially imported ramen is cooked in a special home-made shio stock before shaping it for grilling. Ramen burgers are a good idea but unfortunately in this case, the ramen cannot hold well together. Once I bite a mouthful, the soft noodles fall apart and the entire meal gets rather messy.

What works for me better is the BBQ Bacon Bleu Deluxe Burger ($8.20/$10.50), which is an interesting mix of BBQ sauce, bleu cheese, and yummy bacon. The burgers come with fries. I would also recommend having their B’s homemade onion rings ($5.70).

Some hits and misses here, but I don’t mind coming back for the burgers when I am here. They also have a superhiro challenge where if beat their fastest time, you get the 8-patty burger $25 meal on them!

Little Hiro
Address: #01-01, King’s Arcade, 559 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269695
Opening Hours: Sun – Thu 11.30am – 9.30am; Fri – Sat 11.30am – 10pm