Ang Mo Kio is my hometown. This is where I lived since birth and I am very glad that there are many good food around. After my post on “Best of Kebun Baru Food Centre“, I have finally found the time to complete another massive one, that is, My Best 5 at Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Food Centre.

Because of its location, this food centre is always crowded. The 45 stalls there still sell very affordable hawker dishes, and you can complete your meal with $2.50! Of course, there are alot of newcomers to the food centre and I did not try all of them. So if you know of something worth trying, please drop me a mail.


Xi Xiang Feng (喜相逢)
Unit: #01-23
Opening hours: 7am to 7pm, closed on Sunday
Price: Every piece from $0.30 to $1, minimum $2.50 every bowl

There are close to 40 food items for you to pick (read my previous post). Not only the deep fried items are crunchy, they are very tasty too. I also like their silky soft tofu. Xi Xiang Feng’s bee hoon is slightly different from the bee hoon in other noodle stalls. It is abit thicker and firmer, which gives the bite. Pairing it with chilli and sweet sauce is a wonderful combination. When some sesame seeds are sprinkled over, it tastes even better!

If it is your first time eating this Yong Tau Foo, please do not join the queue blindly. You have to pick the ingredients you want first BEFORE joining the queue. What is interesting here is they also serve chee cheong fun (to replace noodles) at $0.80 and laksa at $3.


Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food (林海盛熟食)
Unit: #01-09
Time: 8am to 8pm
Price: $2/$3/$4

Been in the business for more than 30 years (read my previous post), they only do white carrot cake and not the black ones. They manufacture their own carrot cakes and it is very moist. It is cut into small pieces and fried with a generous amount of egg and preserved radish.

When fried, it is crispy on the outside, and still soft inside. I do agree that their standard has dropped over the years, but if you eat it when the aunty has just finished frying, it tastes the best. What is interesting is, they spray their fish sauce over the carrot cake to ensure that every piece is well coated.


Hup Hup Minced Meat Noodle (合合香菇肉脞面)
Unit: #01-39
Opening hours: 11.30am to 8.30pm
Price: $2.50 / $3.50

Used to manage by two brothers (read my previous post), but they fell out and now the younger sister took over. She is a rude and they no longer delivers the noodles to your table. But their noodles are generally well liked by many of us, so I am still willing to queue for the noodles and face the grumpy sister.

The noodles used at Hup Hup are of the more starchy and has a very springy texture. Even if you ordered noodles with chilli, they will still add some ketchup into it, which gives it a sweet aftertaste. No vinegar is added so it is not like typical Teochew bak chor mee. The portion is laced with slices of pork liver and lean meat. Go for the dry version, I recommend. It comes with two crispy fried wanton skin discs.


Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle (炒福建虾面)
Unit: #01-38
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9pm
Price: $3/$4/$5, takeaway (with opel leaves) $4/$5/$6

Nestled in a quiet corner of food center, I coincidentally tried it one night after my dental operation and fell in love with it. The owners have replaced thick bee hoon with thinner version. Together with yellow noodles, they are nicely braised in flavorful prawn broth and cooked with egg, pork belly, sotong and prawns to enhance the flavor.

The noodles have absorbed the flavour of the fragrant soup. Opeh leaf is only available for take-away. Be sure to grab more sambal chilli and slice lime to further enhance your meal. This may not be the best testing fried hokkien prawn mee but it is good enough to satisfy a craving.


Seng Bee Hainanese Chicken Rice (成美食)
Unit: #01-31
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm
Price: from $2.50

This is one stall that is always having long queues during meal times. The boss started doing business when he was 15 years old. Besides selling chicken rice, he also has a porridge and dessert stall right beside (read here for my previous post). I ordered a mixture of chicken drumstick and chicken breast. The chicken breast is moist and tender, not like the usual tough and dry texture.

Because everyone is being very health conscious, the boss replaces chicken oil with vegetable oil to cook the rice. Hence, the rice here is not as oily. The star of this chicken rice stall is actually their green onions ginger sauce. It has robust flavours. Simply spread it over the chicken for added flavour and fragrance.


Ang Mo Kio Central Market & Cooked Food Centre
Address: Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Bus: 13, 86, 138, 162, 265, 851, 852, 853
MRT: Ang Mo Kio