Nestled among the row of vintage shophouses on Club Street, Noti Restaurant and Bar. The establishment is split between a bar that serves light finger food with a good selection of wine and a cosy restaurant plating up comfort food from southern Italy. The word ‘Noti’ means ‘famous’ in the Italian language and is an anagram of owner-chef Toni Rossetti’s name. Noti serves South Italian cuisine inspired by family recipes that are tweaked slightly to accommodate the Asian palate.

We celebrated Missuschewy‘s birthday at Noti. Because she is naughty. Ok lah, kidding. Because she was craving for mushroom risotto. While I was looking for a place that serves good risotto, one of the top search results was from tripadvisor and someone commented that Noti serves very good risotto, so I booked the place. I came with no expectations but ended up really loving the food and service.


The Deep Fried Risotto Balls ($9) are literally risotto rice balls filled with ham and fresh mozzarella cheese that are coated with a layer of fried bread crumbs. This gave the dish more texture and made it fun to eat. The spicy arrabbiata sauce add some kick to it.


Tasty & spicy calamri fritti served with lemon & garlic mayo ($9)


Although I rarely like risotto, I enjoyed Missuschewy’s Mixed mushroom risotto with walnut and white truffle oil ($28). It has a good bite, indicating it was not overcooked. The truffle oil gave it a subtle scent of mushrooms.


The kitchen missed out my boy’s Home made gnocchi with tiger prawns and pesto “salentino” ($26) so it took a little while longer for it to arrive. The gnocchi has a heartwarming homeliness of traditional cooking and the pesto sauce blended very well in a combination that is rich, but not overpowering. Portion is alright for me, but not for the hungry man.


Stripped down to the bare essentials, good Italian cuisine should have the taste of home. Misterchewy’s Crab meat linguine with fresh basil tomato sauce ($26) is a typical hearty homely meal. The pasta is cooked al dente and sauce is all full of flavour and portion size is good (although not huge).

Most of the dishes come drizzled with extra virgin oil produced by the Rossetti family’s 600-tree olive garden in Otranto, Puglia.


Somehow, I was craving for Crispy spring chicken with mix salad and patatine fritte ($24) that night. The meat were very crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside which is hard to do because the white meat has a tendency to dry much quicker, especially if it is overcooked. The chicken was not too greasy. Great fried chicken altogether.




The hilarious and charming Toni provides entertainment as well as perfect knowledge of his wine and food menu. The food is authentic Italian style which really make it a great night out with the chewys. We didn’t order dessert as I baked red velvet cupcake for missuschewy as her birthday cake. Hehe! Heard their succulent aubergine stuffed with minced meat is a must try, looks like it gives me a reason to revisit them again.

Noti Restaurant and Bar
Address: 54 & 56 Club Street
Tel: 6222 0089
Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 12pm to 12 am