Over the years, the popularity of Thai cuisine among the locals has inspired many local restaurants to come up with their own Thai menu, to meet the local craving for sweet, sour and spicy Thai cuisine.

The latest to join the list is Siam Society at Jalan Riang, which opened about a month ago. Located in a tranquil residential area off Upper Serangoon, Siam Society took over the shop space of The Fat Cat (they have moved to holland village). Even though they are new to the neighbourhood, the team is definitely not new to the F&B industry. Young owner SS owns a Thai eatery “Soi Thai” in Tampines and he is very insistent on keeping the Thai flavours as original as possible.


We had been eating alot of Thai cakes in other Thai eateries and this time round, we chose Prawn Cake Balls ($11.50). These handmade Thai prawn cake balls are plump, crusty and absolutely addictive, served with Thai sweet sauce.


Deep Fried Pork Knuckles ($35) is marinated for one full day in Siam Society’s special sauce before being deep fried to perfection. It has a crispy crackling exterior, which reminds me of suckling pig. However, this is one of the days when I cannot bear the thought of eating anything with a thick layer of skin and fats. It will probably less “threatening” if the pork knuckles is cut into smaller pieces before serving.


Steamed Seabass in Chilli Lime ($32) is my favourite. It is a dish that packs with garlic, lime, chilli, together with the sour, spicy and savoury flavours that are synonymous with Thai food.


Legendary Thai-style Weeping Tiger (Grilled Sirloin Beef, $24) is served with their homemade side sauce that simply pops with flavours. Why is it called weeping tiger? My Thai friend told me it is because the accompanying sauce is so spicy that it makes tigers weep. I was hoping the sauce here will be spicy enough to make me cry. But anyway, the meat is well marinated, leaving it extremely tender and full of flavor. I would gladly eat it without the sauce because the meat is already packed with flavours.


Cabbage with Fish Sauce ($9) is a simple yet delectable dish. The cabbage is stir fried with fish sauce for a crunchy and delicious after taste. It is a wonderful dish the chef has created out of such simple and cheap ingredients.


Clear Tomyam Seafood Soup ($10 small, $16.50 large) came loaded with squid, fish fillet and tiger prawns. It looks harmless but trust me, it is packed with flavours and spicy to the palate. I love how the boyfriend describes it “This soup tastes like Golden Mile! Very Thai!”

Enjoying Thai cuisine in a quiet residential estate gives us a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Jalan Riang has many inexpensive and worth-your-while cafes/restaurants waiting for you experience it. And Siam Society is definitely one of them.

Siam Society
Address: 15 Jalan Riang
Tel: 6286 8603
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm; 5.30pm to 10.30pm daily