Similar to claypot rice, stone bowl rice at Signature Stone Restaurant is not a dish for impatient or hungry diners. This new eatery along Havelock Road is serving a range of Asian and Western dishes in stone bowls.

The stone bowls are lightly oiled prior to cooking half-cooked rice over the fire. And because of the consistency of heat transfer, the charred rice can be pried from the bowl with a light tapping of the spoon. You will have to wait at least 15 minutes – it can be longer when the eatery gets busy.


As soon as the bowl hits the table, the service staff will drizzle some sweetened dark soy sauce, and helps you to fold the rice, very much like bimbibap. The bowl is heated until the rice turns golden and crispy on the bottom, and when mixed with the ingredients, it gives a well balanced flavour.

Stone Pot Chicken with Sliced Salted Fish ($7.90) has generous amount of special marinated chicken that is delightfully tender and smooth. The salted fish is small pieces and hardly noticeable. Together with the Chinese sausage, it blends in perfectly with the rest of the dish.


I would recommend the Sesame Chicken ($8), which has tender chicken pieces tossed in a sizzling stone bowl with aromatic sesame oil and lots of shredded ginger. It reminds me of a typical post natal dish, but this version is tastier than any I have tried before.


Thick and fluffy onion cheese mushroom omelette ($6) which aims to attract younger crowd.


Signature Stone Restaurant not only cook chinese dishes using stone bowl, they also have western dishes such as Garlic Herb Salmon ($12.30). Colourful presentation indeed but too much garlic which covered the sweetness of salmon. This bowl is so hot that it could preserve the heat throughout the dining experience and continue to create the rice crisp layer after layer.


Another dish I really enjoy is Herbal wine prawns ($12). The prawns are plump and meaty, swimming in the thick, flavorful herbal soup flavoured with red dates, wolfberries and cordyceps. The herbal taste may be too strong for some people, but both the prawns and the soup that are cooked in have a natural sweetness that I love.



If you love sausages, try Assorted Sausage and Wax Pork ($11.30) with 3 special grade sausage, waxed pork, salted fish, mushroom and vegetables. They also have Stone Pot Seafood ($9.80) with fresh prawns, squid, fish, crab stick, salted fish, golden mushrooms and vegetables. By the way, they don’t use MSG in their food at all.

Signature Stone Restaurant
Address : 729 Havelock Road
Tel: 6271 9918




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